I'm a Vegetarian

I became a vegetarian in June 2010.  There are 101 Reasons why I made that decision because I really do love the taste of meat.  The two biggest reasons were factory animal farming practices and also the damage to the environment that our meat eating society creates.  After the May 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I began to be concerned about the fish I eat.  I started to read more about different ways I could eat safe fish...then I learned about fish farms (ick).  Then, I learned about chicken, pig, and cow slaughterhouses, and I was done with meat.  Cold turkey, just like that. 

So, to answer your questions:
1.  No, I didn't lose any weight.
2.  My kids eat whatever they choose to eat, but I don't prepare any family meals with meat.  I teach them about healthy choices, give them healthy options, and they can make their own decisions.
3.  Since I'm the main chef in my house, Zak mostly eats vegetarian meals for dinner too. 
4.  I don't freak out and lecture you if I see you eating meat (although sometimes you do gross me out)
5.  I eat mostly carbs (too many), grains, fruit, veggies, and salads. 
6.  Don't go through any trouble for me when I visit your house.  I come prepared with snacks if you only are serving meat. 
7.  Yes, I do miss eating meat sometimes.  I miss sushi the most.
8.  Yes, fish is meat, and I don't eat it anymore. 
9.  I do eat dairy, but I'm selective about the eggs I buy and milk I drink.
10. I only know two other vegetarians (I do live in Texas, y'all!).  Michelle and Caroline--they were great cheerleaders for me when I made my decision.