Bucket List

Writing a bucket list or life list is the first step into making "someday" turn into tomorrow. I believe you have to put your desires out into the universe so it can hear you. Universe, are you listening? 

Raise the girls to be emotionally healthy, strong, and independent

Learn conversational Spanish

Bi-lingual education for the girls

Vacation in wine country of California

Teach girls to respect, save, and value money

Reimburse girls for college education after they earn their degrees

Retire at 55 in a warm tropical international climate

Travel 2-8 weeks per year

Physical activity daily

Celebrate 75th wedding anniversary

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

Travel to Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Belize, UK, Caribbean

Make Pottery

Become a licensed esthetician

Toss fish in Seattle

Do Yoga or Pilates 3X per week

Travel the world on summer vacations with grandchildren

Drive a snowmobile--FAST

Blow glass

Stay in one of those bungalows on stilts over the ocean in Tahiti

Tour Europe--Italy, France, Spain, Germany

Own a ski boat

Own a lake house

Houseboat vacation

Ski in Switzerland

Garden /Grow own vegetables

Own a little Red Sports Car

Return to teaching college students

Have a child (or two) and nurse them for one year

Go white water rafting in Colorado

Visit NYC and watch a Broadway show

Sky dive

Go on a cruise

Bungee jump

Participate in a flash mob

Zip line

Start a non-profit to help underserved kids get into and pay for college

Live and work internationally before my kids go to college

Watch a live human birth

Eat chocolate croissants in Paris

So, friends, family, and strangers....can you help me cross off anything on my list?