About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog.  I've been writing about myself and my family since August 2005, and was inspired by other mommybloggers. I typically write about my two girls, my husband, and the things that we do.  I don't write about work because that's just dumb.  I also tweet a lot.   I'm @amanda_v

I live in San Antonio, work full time, and am married to my college sweetheart, Zak.  I have two girls, Madison (eight) and Brooke (six).

I originally named this blog "Maddie the Girl" because I was 95% sure I didn't want another kid.  They are hard work!  However, nature has this mean way of tricking you into having more kids.  When your baby turns about 12-15 months old they are so damn cute.  They can sleep well, feed themselves, walk, but cannot talk.  Your body is basically back to normal, and you think you can do it all.  So, you get knocked up again.  While you're pregnant with #2, the first kid turns into a toddler.  Toddlers don't listen, they get into everything, run away from you into traffic, and don't stop talking.  You wonder what in the world you have gotten yourself into as you look down at your giant belly.

Well, that's what happened to me anyway.  When Brooke was born, we were so happy to be given the privilege to raise another smart, happy, healthy daughter.  I'm also eternally grateful that my daughters have a sister.  Nothing warms my heart more than watching my two girls love on each other.
I whine a bit, I'm too sarcastic, and I'll try hard to make you laugh.  I post silly videos of my children on YouTube.  Check out some of my favorite blog posts and get to know me:

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