Friday, March 08, 2013

In other news...

Since I've been so terrible at blogging this winter, this post will be a smorgasbord of my usual nonsense. We've kept busy this winter with school stuff and family outings.  Just spinning in circles like any other busy family does today!  We've been....

Riding the teacups at Fiesta Texas. 

Conducting impromptu dance parties in the living room.  Brooke was both DJ and Photographer during this dance off between Maddie and I:

Deciding if either girl will be headed to the Olympics in 10 years (methinks not!):

Running in "fun runs" to support their schools' Technology Fun (thank you to those who donated!):

Going to the theater, the Children's Majik Theater, that is.  As season ticket holders, we go to every show and always get popcorn and a drink.

Rodeo-ing.  At least watching the cowboys rodeo.  This year Zak and I went twice, once with friends and another time just the two of us.  Both sets of tickets we scored were evenings during the week, so the girls didn't got this year.  They haven't let me hear the end of it yet.  Me and Mandie:

Attended a wedding. Who needs pictures of the bride and groom when you've got this hot couple to look at?

San Antonio in the winter isn't a bad place to be, y'all! Come for a visit and we'll take you here:

Thursday, March 07, 2013

My Sister Brooke by Madison

I found this letter in Madison's backpack:

Date: 1/28/13

My sister is a very sweet and nice person. She always makes me feel better when I hurt myself or when I am sick.  Like yesterday I had a race on my scoter with a girl down the street, and we where going down hill and then I hit a bump and fell, then I went inside and my sister ran after my scoter and while my perents put stuff on my elboe and hip.  Now I have a big scratch on my elboe and I am going to the docter today.  My sister is five years old and I am eight. On Febrary the second witch is Ground Hog's Day is her birthday.  I am going to do something nice for her. Today she was crying at lunch because she wanted our mom and I gave her a hug and kiss then I said ask your teacher if you can eat with me and my friends.  The teacher said "yes" so Brookie got to eat lunch with m and my friends, then she got happy.  My sister always acts different when people say or she thinks she is cute.  I love my sister very much but sometimes she is anoying, but my mom always says "Sisters are forever. You will never not have a sister."  Me and my sister have a lot of fun TOGETHER!  Me and my sister have a fun time looking at each others pictures and telling funny stories about each other when we where babies.

The End

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Winter Park, CO Ski Trip

We took the girls skiing for the first time in mid January, and I'm waaay behind on my blogging.  I just had to document their first time and share these awesome pics and videos.  (Well, awesome to me and anyone who loves us.)

Brooke is a seasoned airline traveler. 

On our waaay!  We flew from San Antonio to Denver, then rented a car to drive to Winter Park. The Travel Gods blessed us and we had NO delays unless you count the snail paced rental car bus driver.  The good thing is that the girls are still fascinated with the entire travel process, and are not at all bothered by the "hurry up and wait!" 

We checked into our condo, which was 50 feet from the main lift (and a gazillion yards from Ski School). The condo was located perfectly and we couldn't have asked for better. There were restaurants,  bars, and liquor stores within a short walk.  Despite motherhood, my priorities are still fully intact.  This photo was taken from our condo window: 

Ski bunnies! Ready to go on their first day!  They were fascinated by the snow, and had never played in it before.  

All bidness!

Zak was reenacting the scene from The Christmas Story, and the girls squealed with warnings..."DON'T DO IT, DADDY!"

Once we dumped dropped off the girls at ski school, Zak and I hit the slopes! Ski School is the greatest gift to parents, and worth every damn cent (and it was a lot of cents!).  Who wants to teach a cold and whiny kid to ski?  NOT ME!  Off you go, girls!  Have fun!

Zak and I ski at the same level, so that made it tons more fun.  I'm really way better than he is. 

I am so freaking cute in my ski gear (actually it was Lisa's ski gear--thank you, Lisa!)!

We posed by the sign for Mary Jane even though we only skied one run on that godforsaken mountain! It's full of runs that just beg an ACL tear, and I was there to have fun, so we stuck mainly to Winter Park runs.

Videos!!  Go to my YouTube page to watch videos of the girls skiing for the first time.

A special note to my mom:  Watching my own daughters ski brought back amazing and very special memories of you. Thank you for teaching me at such a young age, and I'm sorry I whined so much (now I know how much that sucks). The girls took 3 days of lessons, and are now awesome and fearless skiers.  The tradition continues!  During one run we all skied together, I showed Brooke how you taught me to ski by holding me between your skis and guiding me down the mountain  and she laughed at me and said, "Let me go, mom! I wanna go faster than that!" She then sped down the hill faster than I would normally ski.   Funny thing is that I didn't want to let her go.  I get it, Mom, I get it.  I love you. Thank you.