Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Madison as Hestia

Madison, dressed as the Greek goddess Hestia, for her 2nd grade school project.  Stunning, that one. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Roller Derby! Brooke's 6th Birthday Party!

Brooke learned to roller skate last year during summer camp, and requested her birthday was held there this year.  When I was a kid, my birthday parties were often held at a roller rink, so this was very special for me too.  

We rented out the rink so we could be sure to have lots of space and invite as many kids as Brooke wanted.  We invited over 35, and I think 23 showed up. 

Brooke is really good for a 6 year old, and had a blast skating with her friends and in the picture above, Zak. 

These are our awesome neighbors Luke, Diego, Cate, and Helen.  Getting all three kids to stand for this photo without falling down was hysterical.  I wish I would have had that on video instead of the picture. Cate is a dear friend and I love her soooo much! :)

Brooke's friend, Ava, from pre-school and her brother Jack and dad Gabe.

Papa flew down from Chicago for the party!! He had a great time laughing at all the kids falling down.  It was quite the scene, and I'm thankful that no one was seriously injured.  There were lots of bruises, I'm sure. 

Just like last year, Brooke requested a Krispy Kreme cake.

My girl loves her donuts, and she rarely gets to eat them, so she knows they're a special treat.  Not only did she get a Krispy Kreme cake, but she also had one the actual night of her birthday after dinner.  We sang to her in the dark.
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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Brooke!

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