Friday, November 30, 2012

Tweet! Tweet! November 2012

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. Because they are often little snippets about my very glamorous and exciting daily life (and aren't good enough stories to make a blog post) with my family, I will preserve them on this blog monthly.

  • At the gym running on my lunch break. Pure torture! Nov 28, 2012 
  • thanks @annbres ! I never thought I'd write a novel, but an idea popped into my head and the story told itself. Nov 25, 2012 
  • I did it. I wrote a novel in less than a month @NaNoWriMo! 53,245 words and counting! My story is still going, and I'm still writing. Nov 25, 2012 
  • Nothing makes me want to poke out my ear drums more than a road trip with 2 cranky and ungrateful kids. Nov 24, 2012 
  • Family + (lots of ) Wine = Perfect Thanksgiving Nov 22, 2012 
  • Get it! Get it! Just ran my own Turkey Trot 5k at the gym. Does that count? Nov 22, 2012 
  • I have the biggest crush on @oatmeal! Is that allowed since I don't know him in real life? Nov 22, 2012 
  • RT @peta: 10 things you can do with #Thanksgiving stuffing that don't involve a bird's butt! PHOTO: Nov 22, 2012 
  • Get the new Phillip @Phillips album, The World from the Side of the Moon! My fav song is Gone, Gone, Gone. Love his sound! Nov 21, 2012 
  • I just introduced Brooke to her first Port-a-potty experience. She's not impressed, and refused to go. Nov 20, 2012 
  • RT @greenvegetarian: Great article in the San Antonio Business Journal about our upcoming move to the The Historic Pearl Brewery.... htt ... Nov 20, 2012 
  • Sitting on my back patio working, and my neighbor walks out, shirtless with a GUN. He doesn't see me, and shoots a squirrel. #onlyinTexas Nov 20, 2012 
  • I am Katniss! Nov 19, 2012 
  • wine, wine, wine, so fine, fine, fine. Nov 10, 2012 
  • Told Brooke (5) that we were going to a neighbors house to celebrate Obama's election, "WILL OBAMA BE THERE? I WANT U TO TAKE OUR PICTURE!" Nov 10, 2012 
  • I'm writing a book, but I don't want you to ask me about it. #NaNoWriMo Nov 10, 2012 
  • @daveabdel you really should be tweeting what you're putting on FB because it's all awesome. Nov 07, 2012 
  • RT @BarackObama: Four more years. Nov 07, 2012 
  • "Think with your head and your vagina." A letter to my daughters about today's election. Nov 06, 2012 
  • We're fired up, voting, and working to turn Texas BLUE! RT @TXDemParty: Texas Dems are FIRED UP! Nov 06, 2012 
  • Just told my 5yo that women and minorities used to not have the right to vote. "That's NOT FAIR! " (see also FL and OH) #vote Nov 06, 2012 
  • Oh, trust me....@davidbuergler, I pay for that oil, then I use the leftovers to fry the tofu bacon. Nov 05, 2012 
  • RT @SarcasticRover: Curiosity is a girl: I get paid less than male rovers, judged on my looks, and men don't take me seriously as a scie ... Nov 05, 2012 
  • I'm afraid to steal candy from my oldest's Halloween stash because I think she takes inventory every night. The little one hid her candy. Nov 02, 2012 
  • All signs from the universe today point to: WAIT, SLOW DOWN, PATIENCE. Ugh, that's so annoying. Nov 01, 2012 
  • RT @rainnwilson: Its global warming, stupid. Nov 01, 2012 
  • Halloween on a school night is a cruel concept. I propose Halloween's moved to the last Saturday of October. Who's with me?!? Nov 01, 2012 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We went to the coast and spent the weekend with Zak's family, and of course, spent a day at the beach!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I haven't posted in a long time, but that's because I wrote a (romance) novel this month.  For reals, and you're not ever gonna get to read it either, or if you do read it by chance you won't know it's me.

How about that?!?  Writing a novel wasn't even on my bucket list, but whamo, I did it!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

This is my President

Dear Maddie and Brooke,

Today is election day. Our country is at a crossroads. Half of us believe in the direction President Obama is headed, and the other half believe in and live in the past. Today Americans will decide on which direction we will head, and I hope that you'll look back at this post (and this one) when you're an adult and see why your father and I both voted for Obama. Honestly, the choice couldn't be MORE clear. To me, there is no other choice. People claim to still be undecided, and I just don't get it.

Today's Republicans, their ideas, their values, their thoughts on women, the poor, immigration, healthcare are simply the exact opposite of what I believe. I can't relate to anything they stand for, and am often embarrassed for them because they almost always sound either elitist, sexist, racist, homophobic, or just plain old.

This is a quote from award-winning playwright Doug Wright that is currently going viral around the web and on Facebook. It responds to someone who claims they are a "moderate Republican" and thus support Mitt Romney for president even though they disagree with his policies on social issues.

"I wish my moderate Republican friends would simply be honest. They all say they’re voting for Romney because of his economic policies (tenuous and ill-formed as they are), and that they disagree with him on gay rights. Fine. Then look me in the eye, speak with a level clear voice, and say, 'My taxes and take-home pay mean more than your fundamental civil rights, the sanctity of your marriage, your right to visit an ailing spouse in the hospital, your dignity as a citizen of this country, your healthcare, your right to inherit, the mental welfare and emotional well-being of your youth, and your very personhood.' It’s like voting for George Wallace during the Civil Rights movements, and apologizing for his racism. You’re still complicit. You’re still perpetuating anti-gay legislation and cultural homophobia. You don’t get to walk away clean, because you say you 'disagree' with your candidate on these issues."

We've talked about this election quite a bit in our house over the last few weeks, and I think Maddie (at almost 8 years old) understands what it means to vote,  how to pick a candidate, and why it's important.   Maddie came home from school last week and told us some comments shared by her friends about who should be elected.  Some were true and some comments were false.

I took a deep (and objective) breath, and we discussed how to find out the TRUTH.  Where to look, how to evaluate what people say, how to determine what's important to you, we looked up both candidates online at sites designed for children to understand the issues and the candidates' stance.  I told Maddie that who I voted for doesn't matter and she needs to look at FACTS, her own values, and where each candidate stands on policy to make her own decisions.  After we looked up some topics, she told me that education and healthcare were her top priorities today (she wasn't too interested in foreign policy! :)).

Today, Maddie and Brooke will cast their ballots in their elementary schools' Mock election.

Brooke got really mad that she wasn't allowed to vote FOR REAL yesterday...she cried about it, actually.  I thought this was hilarious, and told her that her ridiculous reaction to not being able to vote at 5 years old was EXACTLY why children can't vote.

Maddie told Brooke that "in the old days, people with VAGINAS and everyone with dark skin weren't allowed to vote."  This look on Brooke's face was priceless...She processed total confusion, shock, and disgust followed by yelling "WHAT?!? THAT'S JUST NOT FAIR!"

I clarified what Maddie meant, and that WOMEN (since we are more than just our vaginas) weren't allowed to vote in just my grandmother's lifetime (see: 19th amendment). African American's were given the right to vote with Amendment XV, but were often harassed and prevented from voting until the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Some argue that voter harassment/suppression/intimidation still occurs today (see Florida and Ohio in this very election!).

I can look at each Obama policy and support most of what he says.  (I'm actually more liberal than Obama.)  I can look at Romney's stance on the issues and tell you exactly why I disagree.  Essentially this election isn't about the PERSON running (I don't know either of them personally and I'm sure they're both nice people who love America), it's about the ISSUES and POLICY they value.

So, girls, today is the big day.  Let's see what happens. May you always be involved, well informed, and most importantly VOTE.

Think with your vagina and with your head. ;)


Sunday, November 04, 2012

Uncle Scott

Playing tourist in our own city with Uncle Scott!  We took the boat cruise on the Riverwalk.

We took Scott to New Braunfels for Wurstfest.  Lots of beer and meats on a stick.  It was too gross for this vegetarian, but we Zak and Scott enjoyed gorging themselves! I ate some infamous Potato Pancakes that tasted a little bit better than hash browns.  The girls rode on those terribly scaring Carnival Rides, but had a blast.

Scott danced the Polka with Madison: 

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012


It was the FIRST year ever that the girls didn't want to be princesses,  ballerinas,  or princess ballerinas.   We decided we should all be a Zombie family.  I had fun doing the make-up, and we caused a stir at the Brown's party, driving home, and trick or treating in our neighborhood.  Maddie was really into it, but Brooke was irritated with the make-up and didn't want any fake blood (which I made from corn syrup, chocolate syrup, and red food coloring--it was awesome!). 

I took just a few good shots, then all the rest were a blurry mess as the girls RAN from house to house.  That Esti license that I still have sure has paid off!  ha. 
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