Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tweet! Tweet! August 2012

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. Because they are often little snippets about my very glamorous and exciting daily life (and aren't good enough stories to make a blog post) with my family, I will preserve them on this blog monthly.

RT @stefcutter: Strange- Romney mentions commitment to women making their own decisions- yet he wants to take health care decisions out ... Aug 31, 2012

RT @MarinkaNYC: I am better off than I was 4 years ago. Aug 31, 2012

Brooke (5.5 years old): "I really need to shave my legs." WHAT?!?!?! Aug 31, 2012

The girls had the best first day of school! They came home full of smiles and cute stores stories. Aug 28, 2012

RT @HuffPostPol: Another GOP Senate candidate makes stunning remark about rape Aug 27, 2012

First day of 2nd grade! Aug 27, 2012

First day of Kindergarten! Aug 27, 2012

Meet the teacher night didn't go well. Girls were anxious. ;( Aug 25, 2012

The last thing you want to do on a hot Texas summer day is accidentally turn the butt warmers on in your car. It's getting hot in here! Aug 24, 2012

USADA doesn't have that authority! RT @mashable Lance Armstrong Stripped of Tour de France Titles? Internet in Shock - Aug 24, 2012

We just had an impromptu dance party @myorangeleaf to "Call Me Maybe" The staff rocked out with us! OL makes us happy! Aug 22, 2012

RT @robdelaney: Misogyny runs on cowardice. Women are God’s power manifest, thus cowards cast stones. I just chillax & say “Ladies, ... Aug 22, 2012

.@Epicurious have you ever met a child? "Kids' Lunch Ideas" are RIDICULOUS! My kids would disown me if I packed these! Aug 22, 2012

RT @Jezebel: Rumor: Todd 'Legitimate Rape' Akin Might Withdraw From Senate Race After Republicans Feign Outrage Aug 20, 2012

RT @MarsCuriosity: Yes, I've got a laser beam attached to my head. I'm not ill tempered; I zapped a rock for science: ... Aug 20, 2012

Just helped two teens with their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals application so they can get jobs! Thank you @BarackObama #DREAM Aug 17, 2012

It was a joy to hear @MichelleObama talk openly about parenting girls on @LiveKelly. She also kicked Kelly's butt jumping Double Dutch! Aug 16, 2012

Easier to throw. Try it! Your parents will think you can play major league baseball."@HonestToddler: You can make a loaf of bread so small" Aug 15, 2012

@davidbuergler no, he saves it for infant car seats, silly! Aug 14, 2012

Yea! Desk is sold and we were not murdered! Craigslist's ain't so bad after all! Aug 14, 2012

A guy from Craig's List is coming over to buy our computer desk. Sorta nervous about this! Aug 14, 2012

Madison’s gymnastics coach is doing boot camp like drills with her. Not thrilled with push-ups, plank, or walking lunges! Aug 13, 2012

.@zakwithak But, does he have good thighs? Aug 12, 2012

The hatch peppers at my @HEB still have dirt on them. Proof that they are picked farm fresh! Aug 11, 2012

.@RentTheRunway sent me a FREE Zac Posen dress! Too bad it was too small. I love RTR, and you should totally rent your next dress from them! Aug 10, 2012

RT @WendiAarons: Husband, for 3 solid hours: "Soybeans? Onions? Barley? What kind of crop is that?" DEVELOP AN APP & SAVE MY MARRIAG ... Aug 09, 2012

Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror: via @youtube AMAZING!!!! #curiosity Aug 06, 2012

.@HonestToddler chips at Subway are toys to keep kids busy. Squeeze them to hear a pop, then shake n throw them in the air like confetti! Aug 05, 2012

boogied my butt off last night at @Bob_Schneider If you have plans to see him soon, bring your dancing shoes & a comb. He needs one! <3 04="04" 2012="2012" aug="aug" nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Crying my eyes out reading @colleenhoover 's Point of Retreat during Will's 'because of you' poem to Lake. Shh, I'm at work! Next..a crash!? Aug 03, 2012

How to suck at your religion via @Oatmeal made me think of @howardstern and @rqui They've discussed the same thing! Aug 01, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School bus

The girls had a wonderful first day of school yesterday, and were full of fun stories and details about what happened. 

The girls get to pick out their own outfits without our intervention provided that they're weather appropriate. I refuse to acknowledge Booke's silly choice!

Today was the first time EVER that Maddie has ever rode a school bus.  For the last two years, she attended a school that didn't provide busing, so we drove her everyday.  This new school has a bus! 

And because this is just Brooke's SECOND day of school, it was her first bus ride too. We drove them to school yesterday, and the traffic was CRAZY in front of the school.  We waited 30 minutes in the drop off lane! 

Last night at dinner I reminded them that they were going to take the bus to school, and Maddie started to cry.  I thought she was scared, then she said, "I don't want to hurt your feelings mom, but I don't want you to walk us to the bus stop.  I never see parents at the bus stop." I think she said this because she actually was scared to ride the bus, and because we normally see the High School and Junior High kids at the stop.  I assured her that HER bus would have plenty of parents at the stop and that the kids would all be elementary age.  However, "If you're worried about anyone making fun of you because your parents are at the bus stop, just tell them we're there for Brooke."  THAT made her happy!

They confidently jumped on the bus, and Maddie explained to the bus driver, "I'm new to the bus. Where do I sit?"  He asked her how old she was, and told her to sit in the middle.  "But, this is my sister, and she's a Kindergartner.  Can I sit with her in the front?"  It's like Brooke is her human shield!

I didn't cry yesterday, but this ^^^^^^^ made me cry this morning. 

My babies drove off on a school bus, and waved goodbye with GIANT smiles! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of school 2012

First day of SCHOOL!!

Madison decided to hold up two fingers for 2nd grade, and Brooke thought a fist for Kinder would be appropriate! 

Maddie walked quickly into her room, and class had just started.  I didn't get a goodbye hug, but snapped this picture from the crack in the door!

Brooke was looking anxious, but handled it well. She hung her backpack, and sat at her desk. 

Brooke got a final high five from Zak, and we wished her well.
 I love you girls!  May you always have a love of learning and enjoy school!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

'twas the night before Kinder....

...when all though the house,
not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse queen.

The lunchboxes were packed and hung by the door with care,
In hopes that Ms. M soon would be there.

-Brooke's self portrait (age 5 1/2)


Saturday, August 25, 2012


Zak's mom came to visit us for the day, but sadly, Zak had his Fantasy Football weekend draft!  As the years go on, I'm increasingly NOT fond of Fantasy Football.

Wendy, Maddie, Brooke, and I had a lovely morning of shopping and exercising, then we saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green movie which was so cute, but the ending is a tear jearker.

The girls wanted to go swimming, so we sunscreened up, and left for the neighborhood pool.

After 10 minutes, Brooke and Maddie started to argue.  They argued mainly because Brooke was being annoying and kept squirting Maddie in the face with a water toy.  Maddie told her to stop on many occasions.  Normally I let them work out these things on their own, but Brooke was being very pesty and Maddie was keeping her cool, and I said..."Brooke, if you squirt your sister in the eye one more time, I'm going to take the toy away from you."

Brooke immediately squirted Maddie in the eye.

I stood up, walked to the edge of the pool and said, "Brooke, give me the toy."

Brooke swam away pretending not to hear me. (Yeah, as if I don't know that trick?! I was the master of that trick!)

"Brooke, give me the toy," I said again after she came up for a breath.


I stepped into the water to take the toy out of her hands.

Brooke yelled at me for taking the toy away.

"Brooke, time out. Get out of the pool."


I grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the pool, and walked her to a shady spot near the empty baby pool for her time out.

"Brooke, you're in time out because you are not following directions."

Brooke yells, "I'm not sitting here. I'm going swimming."  Jumps out of the chair into the baby pool.

I walk away to get a towel because this WILL BE a long time out.

I come back with a towel, and demand that she come out of the baby pool.  Ignored.

I grab her hand and pull her out, and pick her up and sit her butt in the chair.

She kicks me...with her flippers on!  TWICE.  She also tried to hit me, but missed.

I'm angry, and I remove her flippers.

I hand her the towel and growl in my evil mommy voice, "You are in time out.  If you get up from this chair, we're leaving."

She stands up, and throws the towel into the baby pool.

Mkay, y'all, at this point I've hit my limit.  I'm shocked that she just did that.   End of my rope.  Nothing left.  Every parent, life guard and child at the pool was watching this go down wondering what I was going to do next.

I look over at Madison, who has been watching all of this, and her mouth is wide open (also in shock).

I get the soggy towel out of the pool, set it on the ground, and go get our stuff.

Brooke follows me and is crying and begging to stay.  She sees that I'm packing our stuff and knows that I'm serious.  I give my phone to my mother-in-law, and tell her to call me when she and Maddie are ready to come home.  Had Wendy not been with me, I would have had to take Maddie home too. I don't think it's fair to "punish" everyone for the bad deeds of one, and since I had an extra adult, I decided that the best thing to do was let Maddie stay. Plus, I knew this would be extra punishment for Brooke.

Maddie says, "Mom, we should give her one more chance."  Um, I'm not sure if they taught me how to count in graduate school, but by my count, Brooke's had about 10 chances to make the right decision and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS by this time."

Of course, Brooke puts up a fight not to leave and is begging forgiveness, full of apologies.  She sees that we are really leaving and refuses to walk out (continued screams and cries).  Feet firmly planted.

Get, she yells, "MOM! I need a towel.  I'm all wet."  AS I AM HOLDING THE FUCKING SOAKING WET TOWEL IN MY HANDS.

"Well, you should have thought about that before you threw your towel in the pool."

She demands to take Madison's towel, I refuse to let her.

By this time, she's dry.  It's 98 degrees outside, and she doesn't really need a towel, but her suit is still wet.

She fights me all the way to the car.  She gets in the car, and refuses to sit in her car seat.

I drive home through the subdivision with her standing in the back seat. She mocks me..."I'm getting all the seats wet with my bathing suit"....she throws Maddie's new booster on the floor.  She intentionally rubs her muddy shoes on the cream colored leather seats.  I say nothing.

I pull into the the garage, strip off her wet suit, smack her butt once, and send her upstairs.

She screams, "I HATE YOU!"

Several minutes later, I hear her door open and then silence.

I go up to investigate.  SHE WENT TO THE PLAY ROOM TO WATCH TV!

I turn off the TV, and tell her to go back to her room, she yells about how BORING it is in there, and asks, "Can I at least have the iPad?"


I sit down and calmly walk through this story with her asking her when she could have decided to make alternate decisions so we could have stayed at the pool.

I leave her in the room while she cries about the boredom.

Ten minutes later, I hear silence, and opened the door to her room to find her asleep in her bed.

I decided to type out this blog, and share the story with the Internets, so she'll remember what a terrible brat she was two days before she started Kindergarten.

Brooke, when you're 21, you are totally buying me a drink for this little tantrum

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kinder, Part II

Oh, nos.  Here we go again.  Another baby of mine is going to Kindergarten.

I'll admit, this time it's much easier because I know what to expect.  However, now I KNOW just how much Brooke is going to grow and change (even faster than Maddie), it makes me a little bit sad.   I'm glad I'm not as anxious as I was with Madison, but I'm sure I will be just as sentimental and emotional.

Brooke, on the other hand, has been begging to start Kinder since two years ago she watched her big sister walk into the "big kid" school.  Brooke was so in love with Maddie's teacher, and always hoped to have her too.  We told Brooke that it probably wouldn't happen because she and Maddie were going to attend a different (newly constructed school) than Maddie did, and Ms. M worked for the old school.

Well, I sorta maybe told Ms. M about the new school, and that they were looking for Dual Language teachers.   This was long before the drama-rama of Brooke even getting accepted into the Dual Language program.  "No, I am really happy at this school, and won't apply to teach for the new school," she told me.

Fast forward nine months, and Ms. M stopped me in the school's hallway to tell me she was going to apply for the transfer.  Turns out, Ms. M got the transfer, Brooke won a lottery seat into the Dual Language program, and just today we found out that Ms. M will be Brooke's Kinder teacher.


I never once asked anyone to get Ms. M for a teacher, and just had faith that whoever Brooke was placed with would be awesome and just right for her.

I guess it was meant to be.

Now, I just need to get my shit together and not cry in front of Brooke on Monday morning!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Brooke’s Christmas list

Apparently Brooke (5.5 years old) is ready to get a head start on Christmas this year, or perhaps she wanted to get a jump on any other kids who may be sending in their lists early.   She wrote her Christmas list yesterday and insisted that I mail it.  So, Santa, in case you need a translation:

1. Glow Dome
2. DS (Nintendo DS)
3. iPod Touch
4. Trampoline
5. Unicorn Dream Light

What's also clear about this list is that she watches too much morning TV infomercials!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

another weekend in the water!

-Sent from my cell phone

Sunday, August 12, 2012

(not) BOWLERS!

Quick....what is a fun indoor family activity to do when it's 104 outside?

Yesterday was National Bowling Day. Did you know that you could have played one game for free? 

Did you bowl?  We did!

Look at our awesome scores! In the first game, I was beat by my 7 year old, and ALMOST beat by my 5 year old.  NOT one of us scored over 100!!

I redeemed myself during the second game with some strikes (two in the 10th frame!) and spares, and scored an impressive 118.  We're available for league play, if you're desperate.  

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Me too!

Metrodad is finally back to blogging again, and this section of his most recent post had me nodding, and saying, "YES! Meee tooo!!"  I think parents of daughters will agree that this is really all we ask for:

Ever since the Peanut was born, I've spent an inordinate amount of time worrying about how best to raise a young girl in this day and age. Now that I worry about three little girls? It's all I ever think about.
While I contemplate the myriad of ways to build their confidence and self-esteem, nurture their creativity, and foster their talents, I also think about all the positive hopes I have for them in the future.
I hope they never lose their spark. I hope they're always honest and act with integrity. I hope they learn to take responsibility for their actions and own up to their mistakes.I hope they always do the right thing by helping those around them who are less fortunate. I hope they find partners who love, respect and honor them. I hope they always make the right decisions that will offer them a lifetime of happiness.  
But mostly, I hope they learn to start cooking and cleaning because I'm sick of picking up their crap and making dinners that nobody eats."

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Not all rosy

We're having a really hard time with Brooke right now.  She's always been a strong willed child, but we assumed (by age 5.5) that she would have outgrown some of her more unflattering behaviors.  I keep telling myself that Kindergarten will be the magic to turn her into a normal, reasonable, rational child.

The only time she seems happy is when she gets her way 100%.  She is disrespectful, rude, and whiny when she isn't getting her way.  The constant negotiations are rediclious and don't stop until she's reached a point where she's satisfied...."if I do X now, then can I do X later."   If Brooke perceives that Madison got more of the something or a better something, Brooke freaks out and demands equality, even if it's not logical.

Brooke tells me how much she hates me, how rude, how mean, and awful I am as a mother when she doesn't get her way.

This behavior is disruptive to the entire family.  Maddie tries to help by reasoning with her, whispering alternative solutions to help her cope.  Sadly, when consequences are handed out, and privileges are revoked, Madison usually gets the short end of the stick too or has to endure Brooke's tantrum.

Outbursts occur around everyday normal conversations.  Brush your hair, put on your shoes, take a bath, eat dinner, get dressed for school, clean up your mess, put on your seat belt, hold my hand, look both ways before you cross the street, use a kind tone of voice, hurry, get in bed, it's time to name it.  No matter what the request or direction, she has a reason and response for not wanting to do as she's told.

She laughs when we raise our voice or yell at her. Then, yells right back. When we ignore her, she escalates, when we threaten, she threatens back.  If we spank her butt, she laughs, then we feel awful.  If we remove a privilege, she begs to get it back.

We are good about sticking to our guns and not imposing restrictions that we can't or won't enforce.  We've tried positive reinforcement (stickers, tokens) when she had the appropriate reaction, and negative reinforcement (punishing the bad).  None of it seems to last or work for long.

The worse part is that it makes me so sad and depressed to have to deal with my emotions afterwards.  I can't do anything right, and she doesn't hesitate to tell me about it.  If I put on a cool steely exterior, I'm empty on the inside.  If I yell, I feel guilty and angry.  If I retreat and ignore, then I'm sad and withdrawn.

I only have about 3-4 hours per day with them during the week, and I want that time to be quality and fun.  Her behavior simply doesn't permit it.

It's hard, y'all.  And it sucks.

Thursday, August 02, 2012


It's my BIRTHDAY!  I love BIRTHDAY's! 

 See my birthday rules so you know how to properly behave.

Call me maybe.

(Look! It's a payphone!! Girls, I'll explain these to you one day.)

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chicago Part III

Are you sick of hearing about our trip to Chicago yet?  Sorry....last post, I promise!

Actually, on second thought, go read this post by Michelle to know exactly what I was gonna say except she says it way better than me, almost all of these pics below were taken by her too!

(Alan, Zak, Jack, Michelle, Me, Shan)



(Does anyone know where Alan's hands are? Shannon does!)

(I love this picture of me and Jack!)

(Maddie, Lily, and Kit  Click this to see them as babies...omg!!)

(Michelle and I were the hotties in matching red sundresses..not pictured is the close up photo that Jack took of  our boobs.  Totally not surprised, Jack.  However, I am surprised that Zak didn't beat you to it!  Our boobs are hard to hide!)

(We're a VERY classy bunch.  That's why we have so much fun!)

(Shan is the hottie playing in fire.  We were not drunk enough to allow our children to roast their own marshmallows, but they got to hang out, camp in the yard, and play for about 24 hours strait!  Just like the grown ups!)

(Sandy is the hottie with her Paulie)

Michelle says, "We played, and ate, and drank, and visited, and went to the lake, an camped, and played some more!  Aside from getting some much-needed quality time with our Texas "relatives," we modeled for our children how important it is to stay connected.  When all was said and done, the kids couldn't understand why they had to home, and when are they coming back, and when can we go where they live?  Even if it is only annually, the next generation will understand the meaning of treating your friends like family and making it a point to savor every minute with them.  We are in the process of building something really cool between them, that is for sure!"

Ditto. <3 b="b">