Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tweet! Tweet! May 2012

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. Because they are often little snippets about my very glamorous and exciting daily life (and aren't good enough stories to make a blog post) with my family, I will preserve them on this blog monthly.

  • hey @Bob_Schneider get ur ass on stage! i gotta go to work in the morning! May 25, 2012 
  • Maddie (7) got fourth place in the spelling bee. "In the school!? No. In your grade? No. In your class? Sorta. 4th Place in my row." May 24, 2012 
  • I think @davidbuergler is scared of lake folk. Which is quite ironic, if you ask me. May 22, 2012 
  • Does anyone want to be sweet and tweet me an unused/unwanted Passcode for ACL? #acl May 22, 2012 
  • .@aclfestival Trying to buy tickets and I'm on the elist, but I don't have a passcode! May 22, 2012 
  • Will my bottle of $2.98 wine taste better if I aerate it? May 22, 2012 
  • "Life’s too short to listen to good music on crappy equipment," says @ZakwithaK after he set up my office with nice speakers. thanks! May 21, 2012 
  • Just successfully taught my kids how to swallow a pill. #queenofparenting May 20, 2012 
  • Are you kidding me @heb!? soda flavored cereal! May 19, 2012 
  • At mom's day brunch, the girls requested the fancy pianist to play @ladygaga. He played a beautiful medley of Poker Face & Born This Way. May 13, 2012 
  • Can @freetailbrewing patio chairs get any more uncomfortable? Nothing says, "stay awhile & drink our beer" like hard chairs. No barbed wire? May 13, 2012 
  • How about free beer? RT @TheBoardwalkSA We will be open tonight... and we'll have FREE BEER! Great gourmet food, nice weather, and FREE Be. May 11, 2012 
  • Maddie's first gymnastics meet is on Saturday. She will be doing a routine on the bars, floor, and beam. Who knew? May 09, 2012 
  • RT @robdelaney: I'd be grateful to anyone who read/RTd my old piece, "On Hating Gay People." cc: @VICE @ThisAmerLif ... May 09, 2012 
  • The next child 'o mine who removes a pen, pencil, marker, or notebook from my desk will have their college fund drained immediately. May 07, 2012 
  • I just met a mother of 5 who hates all veggies, doesn't eat them, or feed them to her kids. Trying not to judge. May 05, 2012 
  • RT @RBReich: Rom says unemp shld be 4%. I was Sec of Lab last time it was 4%. We got there by raising taxes on rich and investing in ed ... May 05, 2012 
  • RT @readingkingdom: "A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life." - Dalai Lama May 05, 2012 
  • RT @summertomato: How vegetables make you prettier, a consensus on what’s killing us & why you don’t walk enough May 04, 2012 

Last day of First Grade

Today is Madison's last day of First Grade.  She's excited to begin her summer!

Sometime over this past year, Madison turned into a teenager and don't even get me started about how much she's changed since Kindergarten.  Holy Cow!  It's almost as shocking as a new baby to one year old.

Maddie's first day of First Grade:

PAUSE! PAUSE! PAUSE!  Where's my pause button!?!?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gymnastics Meet

Madison (7) had her first gymnastics meet last week, and she was AWESOME.  It's funny to have had a very shy, would never leave mama's side, timid girl morph into this very outgoing and social girl.  It seemed to have happened over night.  Kindergarten was a major shift, and she turned into full on GIRL in first grade.

And her coordination, muscle tone, strength (six pack!)  are so impressive. Gymnastics has been wonderful for her self confidence too.

She and her teammates cheered each other on all day long during this 4 hour meet (for reals).  Nearly all of the girls were older than Maddie...some 5 years older. 

There were a few times when I noticed she was a little bit scared and appeared nervous, but she didn't run to me and Zak for support.  We got a few glances, and we would dutifully smile and give her thumbs up, but she now seems to have the inner strength and coping skills to make it through emotionally stressful times.  She also relied on her teammates for encouragement. 

Maddie competed in all four events....beam, bars, floor, and vault at a "level 2" gymnast.

She told us that bars is her least favorite.

Maddie is so proud of the medal that she earned.  Every girl got a medal and got to stand on the 1st place podium.  (I sorta have a problem with that, but we'll let that go for now). 

We plan to continue gymnastics this summer, and I'm sure watching the 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be a big motivator for her.  Her coach really, really wanted her to stick with gymnastics for the summer. 
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunset at the lake

We have had tons of rain this month, but the lake is still empty. Everywhere you see green grass, you should see water.  

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pre-School Graduation

Brooke had her "Growing Up Celebration" last week.  This is the second time she participated in this Celebration, and hope she'll finally break loose this time!  (Maddie also did the same thing. Twice.) All the kids from age 3 and up at our Child Care center stand on the stage, sing some songs, and then they flash a baby pic next to the 'graduation' picture on the big screen to solicit mommy tears.  
Brooke sings and "does the motions" of a song about fighting for Jesus.  How appropriate!

Congrats, baby girl, I'm so excited for your next adventure to begin!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I had the most excellent Mother's Day, and am so thankful that Zak and the Girls made it so special.   
(Do you like our matching outfits, Dina?!) lol. ;)

On the car on the way to brunch:

Zak and his mom, Grandma:


Brooke got bored with all the picture taking before we left for Brunch:

The rest of our day was lazy...just like Mother's Day should be. We watched movies, went to the pool, and Zak cooked dinner for us.   I love my family.
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Me and my babies on the way to Mother's Day brunch.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

On our way to Madison's first meet

Grandma's with us!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

School pictures rock!

There is just something about posed school pictures that always make me laugh.  It must be the awkward pose, weird head tilt, and fake smile.  They are NEVER good, but this one isn't half bad. At least they brushed Madison's hair:

Seriously, pink leaves on a tree with lush green SAN ANTONIO!? haahahhhahaaaaa!

As bad as they always are, I admit that I am a sucker for school pictures. I always buy them.  In public schools today, pictures are pre-ordered. The photographer doesn't even TAKE your picture unless you pay in advance. When I was a kid my mother could at least see the pictures before she purchased them.

One of my favorite things to do on school picture day (and on every other day of the school year) is to allow the girls to pick out their own outfits.  It's fun to look back and remember the wacky clothes or combinations they selected.  Maddie picked out this particular pink shirt simply because it had a print on it, and the jeans...?  Jeans?  She's worn jeans exactly 10 times since she was TWO years old.

Today's favorite outfit consists of too short yoga pants (in various colors) or Jeggings, and old fitted/vintage style t-shirts (aka resale shop!).  I think she simply loves the soft cotton of jeggings, yoga pants, and old t-shirts. I can't say that I blame her!

The only day of the year that I select clothing for them (or make a big fuss out of what they wear) is the day I HIRE a professional photographer for our family pictures.    Zak tends to get more annoyed with their everyday Hobo Style (not to be confused with boho) than I do, and earnestly tries to help them pick out something reasonable.

I think it's sorta funny, and can't wait for them to read this blog one day and yell..."MOM! I can't believe you let me wear THAT outfit in public!"

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Swim party

Madison's friend, Rita, had a pool party. The girls brought their flippers and goggles, and they  finally got new bathing suits this year!

I sadly discovered that you cannot hand down bathing suits from one kid to the next. During a Texas summer,  they are used  way too much, and we are way too hard on them to use more than one summer.

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Thursday, May 03, 2012


Dear Brooke,
I wanted to tell you about the time when you were five and got into a fight with a boy. Like most fights, it happened on the playground.  It happened today.

According to your story, you were innocently playing on the see-saw, and "it was time for a water break."  After the water break, you ran back to the see-saw to discover another boy (a friend in your class) beat you to it.  He had "STOLEDED THAT SEE-SAW." You were very mad.

In your sweetest most sugary voice you told me you said, "GET OFF MY SEE-SAW RIGHT NOW," but he refused.  So, you decided to make him get off.  

The teacher said you grabbed him by the shirt collar, pushed him, and then pulled his hair.  This boy is your age, but much bigger than you, and is known as the biggest trouble maker and most aggressive kid in your class.  This didn't seem to concern you as you two wrestled to the ground and he retaliated by pulling your hair and pushing you back.  You two had to be separated a teacher.  

Now, just to be clear....this isn't funny. YOU ARE FIVE.  THAT WAS MEAN and UNACCEPTABLE. Dealing with your emotions by acting out physically is never okay...for boys or GIRLS.   

You and I discussed some alternate ways to deal with this type of issue.  We even acted it out again.  You knew and said all the right things, but still made the wrong choice. 

Choices....they are yours. Make 'em good.


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Medina River

Howdy, y'all.  We went to the lake last weekend, and since it's not full (again) (or yet) we drove to the river to play in the water.  When I re-read that sentence I like to use my hillbilly hick voice.  That's the voice that makes Brooke bonkers.  She hates it, but Maddie and I think it's funny to talk to each other in our hillbilly voices.

I took the pictures in this post with my DSLR, my Android, and Zak's iPhone and even Intagrammed them up (to smooth out my freckles. Shhh, tricks!).  So, I apologize in advance to Megan who will not be happy with my photo mash-up and the fact that I used an automatic (!) setting on my DSLR.  In my defense, she taught me fancy camera tricks after I had some cocktails a few weeks ago.  I don't even recall what I ate for dinner last night, let alone my DSLR lessons...sorry Megan!

When we got there and ate our picnic lunch, The Girls busied themselves with feeding the ducks.  Kids, you should NEVER feed the birds....especially when you're on the beach.  They'll swarm you and poop on you, and peck your eyeballs out.  Also, you'll totally piss off ever other person on the beach and I'll make mean "oh, gawd, look how dumb the tourists are" faces at you.
We found a group of local people (ahem...) swinging from the trees, and knew this could provide hours and hours of entertainment. There were about 4 rope swings, some of which they were installing themselves, and I'm guessing that their highest jumping place was at least 40 feet up (see the top right of this photo?).  It looked like so much fun, but I was a chicken. 

Do you see that black spot on Madison's neck in this photo?  It's a tattoo.  An I LOVE JUSTIN BEIBER tatoo with his picture on it! Ohmygod. Zak was so mad at her when he saw that!  I am just thankful that it wasn't real, or some tattoo artist would get a spankin' (I'm looking at you, Brooke!)

Maddie really wanted to go in the water, but Zak tried and tried to help her in, convince her to jump in, but she was chicken.

She kept making all these "Are you kidding me?' faces at us and asking about People Eating Fish.

We kept making all these "OMG, I will just throw you in the water so I can sit down and drink my beer" faces at her and telling her that fish don't eat people, SHARKS eat people.  However, I don't think they hang out in Bandera.

So, like every great father does at some point in his parenting career, Zak just threw her right in the water.  I thought it was very considerate of him to make sure she had a noodle wrapped around her.

And...she was mad at him (for like two seconds).  I consider that official payback for the terrible I LOVE JUSTIN BEIBER tattoo on her neck.  That, plus the fact that she'll read this in 10 years and see the Beiber tattoo and just DIE of teenage embarrassment.  Good!   That's basically the whole reason for this blog anyway.

I was the next one in (because I had to pee so bad)!  I promise I didn't pee in the water when I was that close to Brooke. That's just gross. :)


We played at the river for hours, Brooke tried to catch butterflies after one of them landed on my finger (and hung out of several seconds).  Then, Brooke decided to chase and catch me instead with her river dirty hands. 

 Anyone want to jump from that tree with me next time?

Or just watch the kids swim by the river?
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