Monday, December 26, 2011

'Twas the night after Christmas...

And then there was puke.

Madison woke up at 5:00ish in the morning, as usual, and was greeted happily by her Grandma who loves spending early mornings with her mini me.

Wendy took Maddie shopping for post Christmas door busters to exchange some b-day gifts and to breakfast.

After Wendy left, we went to lunch, and we met up with Maddie's best friend (Lindsay) family.

THEN, we needed to go to Fiesta Texas to get Zak's Season Pass activated before January 1st. While we were there we rode a few rides, and spent nearly three hours going on "just one more ride." Maddie started to complain that her tummy hurt after the last ride.

When we finally arrived home, the girls were beyond tired and SUPER cranky. Tears were involved, followed by my "you two are so ungrateful for Christmas/Fiesta Texas/your sister/friends/your parents that I'm never taking you any where EVER again" lecture.

Maddie ate a small dinner and watched some TV. On the way to bed she burst into tears and said her throat hurt. I gave her some water and urged her to just get into bed. A few minutes later she was puking all over herself and her bed.

While Zak helped Maddie as she re-showered (and threw up some more), I changed out her sheets. Brooke, always trying to keep it fair, whimpers for attention from her bedroom.

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