Friday, December 16, 2011

First grade spelling test

Madison is in a Dual Language curriculum in school, and all of her tests are in Spanish. Pictured above is her most recent spelling test. Maddie has a spelling test once per week, and has a folder called "Evaluacion de pared de palabras" full of words to study.

The teacher reads the words out loud, and the kids spell out the word on their paper. Apparently not much has changed since 1981.  I'm not sure if Maddie's checkmarks (at the end of the word) indicate that she is double checking her work, or if she's just "helping" the teacher by grading each one as correct. Either story wouldn't surprise me a bit. The check marks on top of the words were done by her teacher.

Maddie got a 70 on her first spelling test of the school year, and was absolutely mortified. Since then, she has made 100 on each test, but never studies the words (in front of me anyway). Each Thursday night before her tests, I remind her to review the words and she says, "I don't need to, they're easy."   So, I pull out the folder and attempt to read the words out loud to quiz her.  This just makes her roll with laughter at my terrible Texas pronunciation of each word.  After she rolls with laughter, she just rolls her eyes, corrects my pronunciation, and spells them to me.

(Maddie also tells me that she corrects her Spanish speaking teacher's pronunciation of English words and English grammar mistakes.  I'm sure her teacher is thrilled with this).

She will clearly be an overachiever type student like I was (which works for me because I'm an underachiever type of mom), and don't think I'll ever have to say anything to encourage her make good grades.  In fact, I worry that she'll put too much pressure on herself to be "the best" in her class.  I'm not aiming to raise "the best" student, but rather the happiest student (who can still get into college, earn a degree, get a job, and move out one day). 

When my report cards came in the mail, my dad used to say to me, "Did you do your very best work? If so, that's all I ask of you."  He'd say this when I made a 99 in a class and when I made an 87. 

You knew I never made a grade below an 87, right?    I AM my daughter's mother, after all.

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