Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Brooke takes dance class every Wednesday with several other Pre-K girls. She's been taking this class for about 2 years now, and very much enjoys it. Madison also took the same dance class when she was at this same Child Care Center, but wasn't as enthusiastic as Brooke. Twice per year they have a recital for all the girls, and today was the Christmas Recital!

It's not an actual RECITAL, but more like "parents can attend the dance class and watch what we've learned."

They work on posture, stretching, and most importantly, following directions! And also skipping....

Brooke did exceptionally well, and some other kids were terribly misbehaved and their parents nearly died right in front of me.  One kid was so bad that her mother was nearly in tears about it.  I had to hug her in the hallway and reassure her that her daughter's behavior in the recital was not a reflection of her parenting.  The mom said, "But she acted like a spoiled brat, and I'm a TEACHER!"

Brooke, this time, was a little princess.
Here's a little video of "the baby doll dance":

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