Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dallas trip 2011

In my last blog post about the Gaylord Texan's ICE! exhibit, I mentioned that we went to Dallas last weekend to see friends and attend the Texas Tech vs. Baylor game.  Sean and Lisa were gracious enough to let us stay with them, and we just knew that the kids would have a great time.  Their kids Shelby and Jack are four and almost three years old. (Here's a funny post from 2008 when Sean and Lisa and Shelby came to visit us at the Lake House.)

We knew that Sean and Lisa had two dogs, and that's always a little iffy for us.  Lately the girls have been loving dogs (and Maddie has been asking for one), but they're still scared of average/big dogs.  It took Brooke some time to warm up to the dogs, and then she only got about lukewarm.  Maddie, on the other hand, FELL IN LOVE with their Chihuahuas.  Especially the five month old puppy, Lolly.

 Maddie carried around poor Lolly JUST like this for the entire weekend:

We told Madison that because Lolly and Lucy (pictured below) were Chihuahua's (and from Mexico), that they only spoke Spanish.  She sorta believed us!  Maddie whispered sweet nothings in Spanish into Lolly's ears and was plotting a way to take her home.  She quite seriously asked if she could pack Lolly in her suitcase and take her home. 
On Saturday, Sean and Lisa suggested we go to the Galleria to go ice skating (more ICE!) with the kids. It's been YEARS since I've ice skated, but I thought it was like riding a bike.  Um...not so much. 

The hardest part of ice skating (and snow skiing) is the "getting ready" part.  Paying admissions, getting skates that fit, getting them ON, zipping jackets, putting on gloves, and making our way to the rink were exhausting.  However, the kids were very excited. 

Once they hit the ice, and realized that it was not nearly as easy as walking and they may actually FALL down, they were not quite as happy. I was grateful that it was so darn loud inside the galleria, and I could hardly hear my kids whine.  Unfortunately, I could SEE some of Brooke's tears of frustration and pouty lips, so she was occasionally required to sit out for a few minutes and take a break.  Brooke is persistant, and I can tell that she'll not give up on any challenges she faces in life.  Sean and Lisa's son, Jack, had a harder time because he was the youngest, but everyone had fun.

After a day of ice skating (and no naps for my kids!), the grown ups got ready to go to Cowboy's Stadium to watch the Texas Tech Red Raiders get beat by the Baylor Bears.  (The kids stayed home with Lisa's aunt.) It was our first time at Jerry's BILLION DOLLAR World, and it was AMAZING. 

(That is not daylight behind us. That's the glow of Jerry's gold coins 60 yard long big screen TV.)

The best part about going to the game was that Lisa scored us some passes to get into the "Owner's Lounge" and it was heaven in there.  Free food and all the booze you can drink, but no Jerry Jones in sight!  We could also get into any part of the stadium, any level, whenever we had the magic wrist bands on.  Zak (and the other husbands) were annoyed that we hardly watch the game in our seats.  There may or may not have been some wrist band sharing going on with the guys, but I plead the 5th.

Thanks again to Sean and Lisa for a great weekend!

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