Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

We had an action packed Christmas Eve! Maddie and I decked out the table in ornaments and wreaths, and I served a dinner for 12.

Zak's family (Dad, Mary, Marcus, Terra, Uncle Scott) and my dad and Susan. It was the first time I ever put the leaf in my dining room table, and I've had the table for over 10 years!

We had to turn the table sideways, and add our kitchen table to fit everyone!

Grandma Mary was telling Brooke a story (that appears may have involved surfing).

Maddie was so tired from a long day of playing with family (and Papa and Susan took the Girls to an indoor swimming pool in the morning!), that she wasn't really interested in putting out milk and cookies for Santa.

Thankfully, Brooke had plenty of energy to help out. She also left the customary carrot for the reindeer.

Santa left his footprints on the hardwood floors next to the fireplace. Doesn't he know that we don't wear our shoes in the house?

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