Thursday, December 08, 2011

10 lost teeth

Madison lost her tenth tooth yesterday. TEN teeth gone before her 7th birthday! For those of you, like me, who know nothing about when children normally lose their baby teeth, that's SUPER early. Maddie lost this particular tooth at her dream She's really, really has been wanting to lose a tooth at school because she gets:

1.  to go to the Nurses office (always accompanied by a classmate who the teachers refer to as The Ambulance Driver).  Maddie loves the Nurses Office, and teachers let her go for minor things like CHAPPED LIPS.
2.  lots of attention from her friends and teachers, especially when there's a bit of blood involved.
3. a cool gift from the nurse

The nurse gave Maddie a necklace resembling a giant plastic tooth that serves as a mini locket to hold the real tooth until she got home.  Well.....Maddie didn't quite make it home with the tooth.  Here's her story:

 Due to her excitement about the tooth falling out and showing it off, she inadvertently dropped it on the ground and didn't realize it.  Once she noticed what happened, there were lots of tears.  (I just so happened to be out of town on business so I missed all the shenanigans).  Zak told Maddie that the Tooth Fairy is a very reasonable person.  A simple note explaining what happened along with some evidence from the Nurses Office, would be sufficient proof.

The dentist told us that after the loss of the 10th tooth, she will go a few years without losing anymore.  We're hoping that when the grown up teeth come in (next to the big chompers) they will straighten and push the big guys closer together.  She's got massive Grand Canyon like gaps in that mouth.
Luckily for Madison, the Tooth Fairy accepted her note and left her a dollar.  Incidentally, this is half what she normally gets, so I assume the Tooth Fairy felt that a missing tooth with a note isn't worthy of a full payment.  The Tooth Fairy is a wise businessperson.

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