Sunday, November 13, 2011

Turkey Disguise

All the First graders at Madison's school were given a photocopied outline of a featherless turkey with directions to "disguise it" so people would not want to eat it for Thanksgiving. The vegetarian in me thought of all kinds of things to do to this turkey so people would really not want to eat it (perhaps showing this PETA video documenting the living condition of factory farmed poultry?), but I didn't share my gross ideas and ruin her project. Plus, I'm all in favor of Turkey Disguises! So, I asked Maddie what she wanted to do with her naked turkey.

She wanted to turn it into another animal, specifically, a peacock. So, she found a craft box that Aunt Terra gave her a few years ago with a poster board cut out of what appeared to be Turkey feathers. Essentially, she was making her naked turkey look more like a turkey, and that was the opposite of the assignment.

After a discussion about what DISGUISE the turkey meant....Maddie decided to decorate the feathers in multicolored crate paper to make it look like a Peacock. The pose of the turkey, and "peacock feather" additions, sorta reminded me of a beauty pageant (and also a pregnant Turkey Beauty Queen with a backache).

So, I suggested that Maddie put a dress on the turkey. We found a too small leotard with a sewn in tu-tu skirt, and cut it up to fit as the turkey "dress." Maddie wanted to give her some hair, a sparkly crown, makeup, and even "painted" nails. The turkey's dress lifts to reveal skinny legs and plain bird feet (Maddie didn't want to give her high heels).

I'm usually not one of those parents who help with school projects. I think kids should do them alone (for many reasons), but I really got into and involved in this one.

I think the teacher may see my influence...but I betcha Maddie will be crowned BEST TURKEY ARTIST of First Grade.

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