Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011

For the first time in my parenting career, I was permitted to "be something scary" for Halloween. Even though I had my kiddo's blessings, I still made my 4 year old cry when I made this face at her when she was in her car seat (and couldn't run away).

The other neighborhood kids were VERY impressed with my make up and I was unofficially voted the "best" costume of the night.

Oh, what? You didn't come here to see my costume? Okay then...

Meet Taylor Swift and Bat Girl:

When it comes to Halloween costumes, I'm old school, and a total cheapskate. I think it's a sin that people buy $40+ costumes for their kids on Halloween!

Maddie's costume: $5 on clearance from a "High School Musical" character, $1 fake headphone/mic, and she won that guitar inflatable for good behavior at school.

Brooke's Costume: her witch dress from last year cut up and re-styled as Bat Girl, I printed out the Bat Man logo from the Internet, and decoupaged it to a piece of felt and then fabric glued it to her shirt (oh, yes I did!). The yellow belt was in the adult clearance bin, and I had to cut and adjust it to fit her waist.

My Costume: I made award winning fake blood with Karo syrup, red food coloring, chocolate syrup. It looked creepily realistic. I roughed up an old white t-shirt with dirt, coffee grounds, and basil (the grass wasn't staining enough and I smelled delish). I was too lazy do make Zombie shoes. I made my hair crazy messy (easy!) and added some leaves and mulch. Of course, I did my own make up. Remember, I'm a licenced professional! I got really lucky with how the blood just started to run, but then dried just before the drip:

What? You've never seen a Zombie wearing a seatbelt?

During the first few houses, the girls were very shy about going to the doors of strangers and asking for candy (since they've been told all their lives that this was totally unacceptable behavior). They quickly warmed up, and literally RAN from house to house with their friends for over an hour. Zak and I got tired, and wanted to sit on the porch and drink a beer give out candy.

We got totally lucky (again) with the weather. It was 75 when we started, and about 65 when we decided to go inside. There were two "haunted houses" in the neighborhood, and Brooke decided that Zak and Papa need to build one for next year and she'll be "something spooky."

Zak's costume: Office worker. (He is super boring and didn't do anything. SLACKER!)

While kissing Brooke goodnight, she told me, "you're the coolest mom I've ever had" for dressing up like a Zombie and also for making a great costume.

Winner of Halloween 2011: ME!


Grandma Mary said...

BRAVO! Great pictures thank you. You are the coolest Mom and Zak makes an awesome office worker/Dad.

Girls you look great!! Big Hug !!

Dina said...

You kind of make me want to cry also! Kind of scary, but cool too!