Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gaylord Texan's ICE! 2011

We spent some of our Thanksgiving holiday in the Dallas area and stayed with our friends, Sean and Lisa (and their kids, Shelby and Jack).  We had so much fun and an action packed weekend (more posts to follow).

Friday night we went to Shrek The Halls at the Gaylord Texan Hotel to see ICE! I can't even really put it into words how amazing it was to see 2 million pounds of ice carved into Shrek, Donkey, Fionna, and all the characters and scenes in the show.  It takes a Chinese group of artists about 1 month to carve it FROM NOTHING BUT FROZEN WATER.  It's a special frozen water recipe, but still!

The problem, and it's a big problem, is that it's so damn cold in there that we couldn't really take it all in.  Cold and crowded.  Did I say COLD?  It was 9 degrees in the exhibit.  We bundled up in our Texas "winter" clothes (which is really just a regular jacket if you're living up north), pictured above.  I actually thought our jackets would be enough, and I was so SO wrong. 

Before you walk into the exhibit, they put a giant group of people in a "holding cell" to watch a video of how ICE! was created, then hand out long blue parkas to every human who comes though (babies too!). Brooke was SO pissed off that we made her wear two (TWO!) coats.  She was very uncomfortable (as we all were) to be so bundled up. 

Then, we walked in, and BOOM, the cold hits so hard and so fast it just took our breath away.  Brooke continued to FREAK out about the cold. It was so shocking to her that she was just angry (and probably sacred) that we'd put her into such a cold room.  She was yelling, "Let's get OUT OF HERE!" 
I can relate to that feeling when I lived in Chicago!  Madison, who generally can keep it together these days, is technically FROM Chicago, so I think that is why she wasn't too bothered by the cold. 

Lisa and her daughter, Shelby, were equally shocked by the cold, but I coaxed some smiles out.  Also, the cold is no match for the red hot Lisa who can always be found laughing and having fun.  She loves any type of photo op:

That is Shrek's outhouse, and Lisa was sitting on his ice toilet.  Turns out she and I didn't listen to the directions very well because we weren't supposed to touch the ice, let alone climb on it for pictures.  We got scolded by the ICE! police for this.

The best part of ICE! for the kids is the slides! Slides that are made out of.....ICE! Four icy slides to freeze our butts! As soon as Brooke saw the slides, she warmed up (not literally) and was happy to play for a little bit longer. 

I took this photo as I was sliding down:

It was pretty crowded in there, and I couldn't find Maddie and Zak to take their picture, but I did get one of Lisa sliding:

The Big Bad Wolf and Puss in BOOTS! made of ICE!

Zak loves the Pinocchio guy from Shrek and does a great impression of him. 

Proof that I was there too:
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Dina said...

We LOVE ICE! Last year was Snoopy, which was my fave. I "wore" Katie and had the big puffy coat around her and she fell asleep for the whole thing! I guess she was cozy. Not sure how it will work this year with her? Glad you had fun!