Monday, October 24, 2011

Where the Sidewalk Ends

I ordered a used copy of Shel Sliverstien's Where the Sidewalk Ends a few weeks ago. On many occasions we need quick bedtime stories, and Maddie and Brooke are no longer fond of our short "baby" books that we've had for years. In addition to ebook apps on my iPad that reads stories out loud (hooray for parenting substitutions like ebooks and TV!), Shel Silverstein's quick and funny stories often hit the spot.

At almost seven years old, Madison usually "gets it" and sometimes has to explain a poem to Brooke.

Both Zak and I have fond childhood memories of this book, and I love to relive the stories. I had forgotten many of them, and am enjoying the humor from an entirely different perspective this time.

It's funny how parenting makes you remember your own childhood memories, but those memories look so different from the other side.

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