Friday, October 14, 2011


Brooke's pre-k class participated in Trike-A-Thon today in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Both Brooke and Maddie have been doing this for several years at our Child Care Center, but this will be Brooke's last year raising funds.

How did she raise money, you ask? By scooting around in circles over and over and over while trying to avoid getting run over and also running into one of her friends. The kids could bring their trikes, bikes, or scooters, "but not a MOTORCYCLE because that would be cheating!"

I suppose it's was totally inappropriate of my to giggle as the children kept crashing, but it WAS FUNNY (and no one was injured). The course was set up on a slight incline so there was a "hill" to go up and down. At the bottom of the "hill" the 4 year olds either had to stop or turn very slowly as the angle was too difficult for them to handle. This is where all the action was.

Unfortunately for you, I only got one minor crash on camera at the :46 marker (and Brooke's crash at the :35 was too far away to see well, then she just complained that her leg hurt from scootin'):

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Grandma Mary said...

Brooke, That's a lot of scootin' around, my leg hurt just watching.