Thursday, October 27, 2011


Partly because I'm cheap, but also because Halloween decorations are so damn expensive, I decided to make my own creepy thing to hang by our door.

It actually hangs by its "ankles" just above my (5'2') head, and I think it's awfully scary....

The Girls call it our Zombie pod or a Mummy cocoon. Because they helped me make it, and know it isn't really a zombie, mummy, or dead body inside, they're really not very scared.

My neighbors, on the other hand, probably think we're really weird. Brooke told one of them that the "ZOMBIE WILL HATCH ON HALLOWEEN!!"

This is the first Halloween the girls will tolerate anything remotely scary. For the past six years, we've been all ballerina-mermaid-princess-cheerleaders up in here (with the occasional dinosaur or spider girl) but FINALLY....

Maddie will be a "Pop Star" ala Taylor Swift (and clearly has a ways to go with the scary part), but Brooke will be "BAT GIRL!" That's sorta scary, right?


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Grandma Mary said...

Hatching Zombies, very creative. I like it.