Monday, September 05, 2011

Texas Dall Ram

Zak and I had just put the girls to bed at the Lake House, and we stepped out on the deck to catch the sunset and also to wallow in our misery about the state of our empty lake in the major Texas drought.

It's serious, y'all. We gots no water.

Typically, when the lake is full, our view to the North looks like this:

Today, it looks like this....over 50-60 feet GONE. Sadly, since we bought the lake house in 2008, we've had two "one hundred year" droughts. Pretty sure that stinks for us, and someone needs to go back to math class.

Oh, woe is me, I have no water in front of my lake house.....(I know, I know, but still).

Then, Zak says, "You've got to be kidding me!" and points just over my shoulder. We're pretty used to wildlife out here, and I assumed he was talking about birds, flying insects, family of scorpions, or maybe a local hillbilly who wondered over. I turn to look over my shoulder, and see this little lady about 20 feet away. Then, I really focus in on her HORNS:

Is this a goat? A ram? WTF! We had no idea until I googled it for this blog post. For the record, she's a Texas Dall Ram, and mean people hunt them, then mount the "trophy" (aka a dead head) on the wall of their dining rooms.

We stared at it, and Zak warned me in his most serious Boy Scout voice, "don't stare at it or it will think you are challenging it." Luckily, I just happened to have my camera handy, and started snapping away. After a few minutes of mutual eye contact (and no ramming), she walked around to the front yard. Zak and I ran through the house, and watched the not-so-little lady for a few more minutes from our front porch before she trotted off.

We have no idea where she lives, and based on her physical condition, she didn't seem to be suffering like most of the wild animals we have seen lately.

We think that she may have snuck out for a night on the town from a nearby wild game ranch. I'm happy she escaped, but don't want her hanging around anymore!

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