Friday, September 23, 2011


Sometimes I notice that I can't capture very good photos of the girls when they're playing. Obviously, this is due to my poor photography skills and not the fact that my children are growing up so darn fast that I can't even get a still picture.

I want a snap shot of them at this age (minus the whining and sassiness) that I can burn in my memory forever.

Sometimes I feel like the best I can do is remember blurred shots of their lives moving by too fast. They're happy kids.

Madison and Brooke,

May you always take the slides and roller coasters in life with your hands lifted high and smiles on your faces. My hope for you both is that your hearts are full of joy as you enjoy this ride we call life.

I love you,


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terratierra said...

spoken soooooo beautifully...teared up....with joy :)