Saturday, September 03, 2011


Oh, people, have I got some news for you. I have found the lunch box of all lunch boxes. The lunch box sent from heaven above that promises to make your kid eat healthy food and make her smile at the same time. The lunch box that is not disgusting at the end of the day. The lunch box that doesn't leak. The lunch box that is good for the environment. The lunch box that the teachers and friends gather around every day to see what's gonna be inside.

Da, da, da, duhhhhh... Behold: THE PLANETBOX

Madison loves it so much, she demonstrated its features to her sister, infomercial style, in her pajamas. I caught most of it on video. I have no idea why she's talking in such a slow robot voice. It sounds like she's reading a script. (My favorite part is the Vanna White hands, and that she told the viewer to "go online." Wha?)

One of the other things I love about PlanetBox* is that I can pack almost anything I can think of from a PB&J to Fried Rice and Edamame. I've also been taking a look at other blogs with similar Bento style to come up with more ideas.

Maddie says that teachers and friends "gather around" everyday to see what's in her PlanetBox. This may be a tad too much pressure for me, but I'm secretly proud.

Zak totally thinks that I'm going to get bored with this in a few weeks. After all, it's only week two of the school year, but I don't think I'll get bored. I'm not sure if eating a healthy lunch is what has made Madison a more consistently happy, energetic, polite, and loving kid. Whatever it is, I don't want to jinx it.

Last year in Kindergarten, she purchased a school lunch about 90% of the time, and let me tell you...those lunches SUCKED. Even when Maddie would get the "healthy choice option," which was often, she hardly ate enough to give her the energy to complete her busy day. Maddie's school day begins at 7:40, ends at 2:40, then she has gymnastics/tumbling until 6pm.

The girl needs food! For example for her school lunch last year, she'd get a grilled chicken salad, but would ONLY eat the teaspoon of shredded carrots on top (a garnish!) and the baggie of crackers on the side. Or, she'd get the "Yogurt Plate" with a 26 gram of sugar kids type 4 oz. yogurt with crackers and fruit. Seriously, and that was a good day. No whole grains, little protein, and definitely no veggies = a ZERO energy crabby kid.

* didn't give me anything to write this post, but I'll certainly accept a free PlanetBox for my very jealous 4 year old who was hilariously "wowed" at the 1:52 mark of my video. The only criticism I can make is that it's a little pricey for a lunch box, and seems to make my kid talk like a robot.

If I wanted to get all mathematical up in here, I'm pretty sure I could justify the Planetbox price with the cost of school lunches, wasteful ZipLoc baggie purchases, durability of this lunchbox for years to come, and a happier/healthier kid. Which is priceless.


Dina said...

That is so funny! That infomercial should at least get you one free planet box!

And I bet half the class doesn't have the same one, like a certain owl lunch box I know!

Michelle and Jack said...

I am so completely sold! What an incredible idea!

MisoBento said...

She is adorable and explained ALL the features of the PlanetBox perfectly. We love the two we own!

Petra said...

I got the PlanetBox for my son, who is going to full day kindergarten and can be fairly picky about his food. He's been bringing it home empty almost every day! Yes, it is quite an investment to begin with and I am definitely not a mom who always buys organic and tries to live "green". Yet still I feel the price of this is worth every penny. He loves his lunch box and his younger sister can't wait to get one as well when she starts kindergarten next year!

The Brown Family said...

Carter just watched the video 2 times! He is so sold!!! Love it!