Monday, September 12, 2011

Lost tooth

Brooke lost her first tooth! She's only 4.5 years old.

Maddie lost her first tooth just after she turned five, and I thought that was very early. Brooke has been begging for a loose tooth after watching Maddie rake in the dough after 9 lost teeth in less than two years.*

At Sunday dinner, Brooke complained that she couldn't eat her cantaloupe because it was too difficult to bite it. After watching her wiggle it all day, I knew it was almost ready. Zak was thoroughly Willied out by this all happening at the dinner table. I actually love wiggling my kids teeth!

Being the professional tooth loser that she is, Maddie decided she was going to help Brooke get it out. Maddie first was just wiggling it for Brooke, then decided that she needed better traction on her grip, and got a piece of paper towel. I was actually surprised that Brooke let Madison do this, and it shows how much trust and love she has for her big sister.

After Madison took two turns at trying to pull it, it was literally just hanging there. While I wished the lighting was better, I am so glad I caught this on video.**

My baby's first tooth fell out!!!!

*I just discovered I have written THIRTY TWO blog posts about teeth. I should go to dental school.

**Pay no attention to our messy post-dinner kitchen!

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