Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Summer nights

Aunt Terra came for a quick visit on Friday night. She makes monthly trips from her home on South Padre Island to Austin for yoga training, and we like when she makes a pit stop in San Antonio! The girls adore her, and there is something about Terra that makes me slow down and enjoy moments.

There is this local place called Boardwalk on Bulverde where a bunch of Food Trucks set up shop, a DJ plays, and kids can run around, or climb on their swing set. It's actually rated on Yelp as one of the best restaurants in San Antonio ven though it's actually a group of independent trucks). This past weekend was a special event (a "throwdown") where even more food trucks were there, a band, and some inflatables for the kids. The food was INCREDIBLE. It ranged from gourmet-fancy to BBQ, hot dogs, international, and plain 'ole sno-cone trucks.

Too bad it was one gazillion degrees this weekend, or we would have gone twice. Note to organizers: make this an annual SPRING or FALL event starting next year!

When we arrived, Maddie saw a Mechanical Bull. I was shocked that my formerly timid, shy girl would want to ride the bull in front of hundreds of people.

She rode it:

There was also an inflatable climbing wall, and she wanted to do that too. I've really been working on not passing down my neurotic behaviors to my children (like germophobia and sun ray-a-phobia). I want them to be self confident people who can assess a situation, make a judgment call to determine if something is safe or not safe, and do it. Live life. Get hurt. Have fun. Make mistakes. Try new things.

Maddie has historically been afraid of trying new things. So much so, that when she does something and shows the slightest bravery or confidence, I praise her for "trying something new." This is also part of my on going feminist "women can do anything" lecture series. I want my girls to be comfortable with being UN-comfortable. Life is rarely comfortable, and if it is, you may be doing it wrong.

The mechanical bull was safe, the climbing wall was a bit iffy for a 6 year old. So, she said she wanted to do it, I mentally did a "what's the worst that could happen" type assessment, and let her make her OWN decision.

She did it:

(On a side note, Brooke has always taken age-appropriate risks, and doesn't shy away from much of anything. She wasn't interested in bull riding or rock climbing. However, she did make some new friends and rode on the giant inflatable slide by herself over and over again.)

We hung out for a few more hours, met some friends we knew from college, and watched a terrible 80's metal cover band. Not so surprisingly, Zak knew every word to every song on the playlist and taught the girls how to pound their metal hands in the air. I just enjoyed hanging out with my friends, husband and growing girls, eating red snow cones, and trying something new.

P.S. I cut off my hair again! AND...most importantly, today is my BIRTHDAY! Do you know The Birthday Rule?

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Grandma Mary said...

Ditto on being around Terra..and way to go girls, ride on!!