Monday, August 22, 2011

First Grade

Today is Madison's first day of First Grade. I'm far less emotional this year, than I was last year. In fact, it's been pretty darn easy. This morning, she got up, got dressed,* and packed her backpack. I did make her lunch, but she will be doing that too from now on thanks to her new lunchbox (blog post coming soon).

Maddie knew what to expect today, and didn't even want to be walked into the building. Zak dropped her off, and she marched in on her own.

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*Let's talk about this awesome outfit. First of all, I think I wore the exact same outfit sometime in the eighties. From the side pony tail to the jellies, I rocked it back in my day too. The only thing that Maddie is missing are her Madonna-esque gloves!

She was so super confident this morning, and my heart was bursting with pride.

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Shannon said...

OMG...she's so grown up! You're a gorgeous girl, Madison. I have no doubt you will enjoy 1st grade to the fullest! Here's to a great year ahead.