Sunday, August 21, 2011


We took the girls to their first baseball game this weekend. It was our last hurrah of summer before school starts tomorrow. PaPa is visiting, so he came with us! We went to see the San Antonio Missions--our minor league team.

I used a Groupon for the tickets, and it came with a visit on the field to take a picture with the mascot. Ten points* to whoever can correctly guess what this mascot is supposed to be!

Maddie is all business with her glove. The glove was intended (by me) to protect her face in case of a foul ball. You didn't think she could actually CATCH anything...did you? Those foul balls were happening every second, and I may have PTSD from hearing the SMACK of the ball in addition to a twitch from constant ducking.

Maddie did think she could actually catch a foul ball.

The girls quickly discovered that baseball games mean JUNK FOOD TIME!

This is Maddie with cotton candy teeth:

Snow cones were the most popular item. I liked them because we kept cool, and it took them at least three innings for them to eat them before they wanted something else.

Good thing a foul ball didn't arrive during the snow cone innings! Clearly neither of them were paying attention to the game.

We had so much fun.

*hint: think MEXICAN FOOD (only in San Antonio!)

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Dina said...

Snow cones and cotton candy are my favorite part of a baseball game too. At first I thought the mascot was a pickle, but since you said Mexican food, I am thinking a jalepeno. Either way, not a great choice for a mascot! It's good to see Carl Bruce!