Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Maddie has been coming home from school this week with a new found enthusiasm for her world. She's SO happy, silly happy, confident happy with a lust for life. Because she tends to be a tad on the moody side, I'm hoping this will last more than a few weeks.

I'd like to think it's because of the amazing lunches I've been packing for her instead of the garbage of a "school lunch" that is served daily. But...probably not. More on this later....

Maddie's after school care program consists gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer leading lessons. She attends everyday from 3:00-5:30ish. Maddie loves this place (but I worry about the too soon exposure to "big" kids who are a little too mature for my liking).

After a great evening together, she suddenly said, "Mom, my stomach hurts." I gave my usual response of "go poop" which seems to solve all the problems my kids could ever have.

Maddie: "No, not that kind of stomach ache. It only hurts when I lay down."

Me: "Uh, well, don't lay down then."

Maddie: "It only hurts, when I do this..." (She sits on the floor and begins to lay down, grimacing.)

Me: "Oh...."

Maddie: "And when I do this" (She attempts to sit up, and grimaces again).

Me: "Your abs hurt."

(Maddie gives me a blank stare. She's obviously never taken a Pilates class. Slacker.)

Me: "When you exercise too much or a lot, sometimes your muscles get tired and sore because they are growing and working hard. I think it's from all the gymnastics you've been doing the past three days. Your tummy muscles have been working hard. I can relate."

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Michelle and Jack said...

I WISH I could relate! I am overdue for making my tummy hurt :)

Thanks for being my motivation, Maddie...aka Happy Girl!