Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wall Art

Brooke's room has always been sparsely decorated, and I'm not sure why. I sorta feel bad about it because Maddie's room is very decorated.

I tell myself it's just because I haven't really found the right theme for her, and she doesn't seem to care anyway. Last year, I painted it yellow and purple, hung some curtains, and got her a new bedspread. However, I still had nearly nothing on her walls. (Dina will be so disappointed!)

I found these cute vinyl stickers on Etsy. You remember Etsy, right? I love ETSY.

Anyway, there are so many designs to choose from, and they are difficult to hang due to their size. It's definitely a two person job.

In fact, this sticker was so big, I had to separate it into two different designs in Brooke's room:

Look how this one travels up to the ceiling (I'm so crafty!)

(Dad, in case you're worrying, they peel right off and don't damage the walls or lift paint)

We're also hanging this one at the Lake House, and I look forward to sharing it when we're done. (We move extra slow over there!)


Dina said...

I love it! Very crafty!

And I love your new stair case. It's beautiful. I totally agree with Zak about the boat too!

Grandma Mary said...

What, they didn't have waves? Just kidding it looks great.