Friday, July 15, 2011

How to give a manicure

Madison came home with a bottle of nail polish that she got from a friend at school*. She wanted to give her sister a manicure. It was one of those girlie bottles of polish from China that is extra stinky, doesn't dry, will probably wash off in the bathtub, but stick to every surface in my house. I begged her to use one of my bottles instead, but she insisted on using hers.

The video is long...almost six minutes. If you don't watch the whole thing, be sure to watch what Maddie does when Brooke complains that her ear itches around the 1:00 mark, how Brooke expresses her pleasure with Maddie's technique at the 2:50 mark. Also, the last 10 seconds is pretty funny when I have to put my foot down about the next requested paint job.

*When I saw the bottle of polish in Maddie's hands when I picked her up from camp, she told me that her friend "gave it to her." As you can imagine, I found this act of kindness very uncharacteristic of a 6 year old girl. I questioned Maddie by asking if the girl knew Maddie planned on taking it home. Maddie began to look a little sheepish, so we walked back into the classroom so I could ask the little girl. The poor girl looked like she was going to get into trouble when I asked if she intended to give Maddie a bottle of polish. (Apparently this girl got into trouble after an unauthorized makeup and nail polish session earlier in the day where they were all busted). After a bit of teacher intervention, the girl said she in fact gave the bottle to Madison.

Whew! I was worried Maddie might be a thief. I had flash backs of pocketing a lip gloss at the local drug store when I was 11. Sorry, Longs Drugstore.


The Brown Family said...

Okay... that was aweome! The ear itching was the best!!!!

Grandma Mary said...

Maddie, You are so sweet to your sister, try to be a little nicer to your Mom too. She loves you.