Monday, July 11, 2011

Home Improvements

It is a total myth that women are the big spenders a relationship. In my house, Zak is always the one who wants to buy big stuff. The conversation when it comes to large purchases in my house goes something like this:

Zak: I've got an idea! Let's buy X.
Me: No
Zak: But, we really need X. It would be (fun, good for re-sale, much needed, make me feel whole)...
Me: No
Zak: Okay, let's make a list of things we want/need to buy, then we'll prioritize them and make a decision about what to buy next. (he presents me with a piece of paper and a pen)
Me: Okay, here's my list from my some bills, gas for your monster truck, landscaping for the front yard, new clothes for Maddie, re-paint the bedroom..
Zak: My list is: a boat, another lake house (!), new balusters for our house, a second car that doesn't use as much gas as my truck, a staircase and dock on the lake, (blah, $, Blah, $, moneybags...)
Me: Hmmm...Balusters sounds like the cheapest option. Let's look into that in a few months.

The next day, I have links in my email box from local staircase companies. Later in the day, an Outlook appointment request arrives for a "lunch" at the staircase show room.

Four days later, our house looks totally different. We are now recipients of new balusters and a darker stain on the rails. To Zak's credit, these were MUCH cheaper than a ski boat.





Grandma Mary said...

It looks a lot better with your new floor.

Shannon said...

Very nice, Alan would definitely approve :) - btw...a boat is a great investment for someone who owns a lake house! Lots of wonderful memories for a family (and their friends) on a boat. Just sayin'