Friday, July 22, 2011

Galveston: Kids in a Candy Store

We went to Galveston last weekend and celebrated Beachapolloza II, a now annual tradition hosted by David and Francie.

The weekend started out pretty bad with Maddie puking her guts up in the car (over and over again) for unknown reasons. Not sure if she had food poisoning or a stomach virus, but it kicked her butt. Zak and I were ready to turn around and go home, but Maddie begged to still get to go to the beach. We banked on the fact that she would get better quickly, and kept on driving while Maddie heaved into her puke bucket. She threw up so many times that I lost count. She woke up on Saturday morning and was her totally normal self.

Because we were going to Galveston to see David and Francie's kiddos too, Maddie's pukeage put a kink in our plans. Understandably, they didn't want to expose their kids (especially the new baby, Lily) to a potential stomach virus. Like all things in life, it all worked out in the end!

We went to the Moody Gardens Aquarium:

We couldn't resist taking some terribly overpriced photo booth pictures. It was the first time for the girls, and we had the best time squeezed into that little booth.

Brooke pretended to be scared of the giant shark teeth behind her.

We were in a shark cage here (not the G-Town jail), and I would not feel one bit safer in this thing with sharks swimming around me.

Penguins are tall:

I bet this would have been a really cute picture if I actually knew how to take pictures with my fancy camera. My settings were all wrong, and more than half of the pictures were blurry before I noticed.

Nemo's house:

We went to the beach. It was a cloudy day, which is the best type of beach day, so I only made them wear SPF 70 and long t-shirts (see how sweet I am!).

Brooke likes to rock the goggles at the beach too, sometimes it doubles as a headband.

We went to the pool at Galveston Boat Club, the kids swam while we lounged:

We went to the famous LaKing's on The Strand for sweet treats:

Zak found this delicious Shriner's baby at LaKing's.


Grandma Mary said...

Great pictures, I love the one in the Photo Booth. Big smiles on everyone.

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