Wednesday, June 01, 2011

South Padre Island (a SPF festival)

Our family, plus my adopted son, SpongeBob Square Pants, at the beach.

San Antonio is about a five hour drive from South Padre Island, and we decided to spend a long Memorial Day weekend at the beach. Another benefit of a weekend on SPI is that we get to see The Girls' Grandpa, Grandma Mary, and Uncle Marcus. Aunt Terra also lives on SPI, but she wasn't there. :(

I decided to get a hotel on the beach so we could jump from the beach, to the pool, to the hotel room easily. That proved to be a good idea because there is nothing more nap inducing than a morning at the beach.

The weather was nice, VERY windy, and VERY humid, but good enough to keep us happy. There is this disgusting film of moisture and sand that coats every inch of your body when you're at the beach on the gulf coast, and I have to be honest, I can barely tolerate it. It's just so STICKY. Apparently, I'm the only one who ever has a problem with The STICKY.

Zak was so happy that the surf was good, and was able to go out with his dad and brother. Zak and Grandpa taught the girls to boogie board, and they loved it. Maddie could catch the waves on her own, but Brooke needed a little help.

Zak said it was just easier to pick up Brooke, boogie board and all, and then THROW her into the wave rather than teach her how to time it, and kick until she caught the wave.

This is also how I wish to be treated at the beach. Carried around on a surfboard so I don't get sandy.

In my typical, deathly afraid of the sun ways, I slathered (and I mean slathered) the girls with SPF one gazillon at least 4 times per hour. I also made them wear the t-shirt bathing suits (but they still refuse hats). At this point, they have stopped complaining about my obsessive/compulsive behavior, and just stand there and take it. If there are any complaints, I threaten ugly freckly skin "just like Mamas" and pin them between my legs so they can't escape.

Zak finds it particularly funny when I unveiled the sneak attack spray technique. For example, the kids may be picking out sea shells, and I see some exposed skin that may not have been coated in SPF. I casually walk over (with the can of sunscreen behind my back), pretend to want to play with them, then sneak attach spray them when they're least expecting it. Then I run away triumphantly as they squeal.

It's either massive amounts of sunscreen (especially for Maddie--her skin is so white, it's nearly see through) or they'll be forced to sit next to this total embarrassment for a mother:

My sexy Burka-kini can be purchased at Towel Burkas of America (or you could steal towels from your hotel room instead).

The daily rental fee for an umbrella and chairs was $25, which I happily paid for some glorious shade. The picture above was on the last day, and we were only at the beach for about an hour, so I had to make do with a make shift sun survival suit.

We also got to spend the afternoon at Grandpa and Grandma Mary's house. Terry (my FIL) grilled and made this swing for the girls:

I like the beach, I really like the idea of the beach. I would love the beach with all my heart if there was no sand and no deadly UVA/UVB rays to worry about. Get on that, someone.

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Grandma Mary said...

Thanks for making the trip, the memories we make together are forever.