Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our first 5k

I've never ran in a 5K before. In fact, even though I exercise quite a bit, I'm not really a runner. (I've always blamed it on the boobs).

Zak forwarded me an email from work on Friday, and asked me if I wanted to participate in his company's first ever 5K. Since I'm also participating in the Global Corporate Challenge for the next 16 weeks through my employer, I HAD to say yes. Because Zak gave me less than 12 hours notice, I wasn't able to "train" for the 5K. (Later I discovered, that to real runners a 5K is just a warm up, and requires ZERO training.)

The event, like most 5K's, was a fundraiser for a charity that Zak's employer supports. I am always looking for age appropriate charity work for the kids to participate in, and this seemed like a perfect match. So, instead of putting the kids in the "Children's Play Area" so Zak and I could run alone, Zak came up with the idea to have the race with us on their scooters.

The course was three laps around the building where Zak works, and there were some small uphills and downhills to contend with. As it turns out, the biggest obstacle were the two humans that I gave birth to (shocking, I know!).

Before the 8:00 am race time, the Girls were just so excited to be there on their scooters, that they used up much of their energy "warming up." You can tell from the picture above that we were the first people to arrive. When the horn was sounded, we were joined by a ton of 25-29 year old ringers just 150 others who quickly blew past us.

As everyone burst ahead, Brooke got a little scared, and Maddie said, "What? This is weird. I don't get it." They spent the first lap asking all sorts of random questions and begging us to "wait for them" even though the Girls clearly had the advantage with their scooters.

After much encouragement, and warnings that whiners can't race with the grown-ups, they warmed up to the race. Sort of:

(by the time Brooke asked Zak for a piggy back ride, and I was carrying her scooter, we were lapped)

Brooke pooped out after the first of three laps, and I dropped her off in the kiddie corral where they had games and much anticipated snacks.

Maddie wanted to keep going, so she and I went another lap around the building while Zak ran ahead. As we were getting ready to begin the third and final lap, Maddie decided to join Brooke and the other kids.

I ran the last lap alone, and finished in 46 minutes. I think my time totally doesn't count because I stopped to drop off the kids (twice!) and had to take a pee break. Surprisingly, I didn't finish last! However, the winner for the women's group completed in 23 minutes (half of my time). I guess I better get a better sports bra and start training for next year.


Shannon said...

Congrats! So proud of you guys :)

Michelle and Jack said...

I wouldn't care what my time was if I looked as cute as YOU when I ran! Congrats!