Monday, May 23, 2011

Growing Up Celebration--Brooke 2011

Brooke has graduated, (from nothing!) and we had a Celebration at her school to prove it. Every year, the kids who attend the child care center, put on a performance for the parents showing off their singin' and dancin' skilz.

This year, Brooke "graduates" from the Pre-K3 program to the Pre-K4 program. You know what they say about the Pre-K4 program? That she'll be in Kindergarten in 2012 (omg!), then the next year, she'll graduate from high school and we'll be empty nesters (yea!).

Brooke is getting ready to sing, sitting with her friends and teacher:

This is Brooke's class performing with the Pre-K4 class (aka "the big kids" who will start Kinder in the fall):

These are all the kids who performed in the Grand Finale. (I imagine producing this show is a lot like hearding cats.)

(I know! My camera is so awesome! Email me, and I tell you how you can get your very own Blurry Photos Only Camera!)

At the end of the show, they do this terrible thing to the parents...a slide show where a baby picture appears next to the "graduation" picture. Totally makes everyone cry. Here is Brooke on the big screen:

The only reason the kids put up with these shenigans is for the bribes they're promised after the performance.


Brooke will do anything for a cookie (except eat broccoli).


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