Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary--12 years!

Happy Anniversary to the bestest awesomey husband and friend I could ever ask for.
Zak and I were married on April 17, 1999 on the beautiful island of Maui surrounded by not nearly enough friends and family. In our EIGHTEEN (ahem!) years together, we've ...

  • moved 16 times (because we're on the lamb from the law) but thankfully not in the last 5 years

  • created two beautiful children, and are trying to raise them to not be too dependent on us so we can move to a tropical island when we're 50 and play on the beach for the rest of our lives

  • gone on countless vacations (sadly not very many in the last six years--hello family, are you listening?)

  • earned a few college degrees

  • thoughtlfully planned, consulted and co-managed our lives together (usually nicely)

  • have lots of fun

  • made plans for our future

  • always put our marriage before anything else

(There were never none not any non-alcoholic beverages in those cups prior or after to the age of 21 possibly or perhaps. I'm not really sure I can or can't remember, dad.).


Dina said...

Happy Anniversary!

Look, Zak has 3 cups stacked! Good thing there wasn't any alcohol in them! I remember those parties like it was last week...because I wasn't drinking either!

Michelle and Jack said...

Happy Anniversary to one of our favorite couples! Cheers!

Jason said...

I'm catching up on the Volz Blog, some wine, a vacation day tomorrow=lots of posts...
anywho, love the pic. of you two from college and recap of your life together. Cheers to continued happiness and adventures!

ps: I love my posts' come under Jason's name. You know how much he loves chatting about othes' lives...perfect.