Friday, April 15, 2011

Fiesta 2011

So, it's Fiesta time in San Antonio. Which means that we have a city "holiday" today. Which means the schools are closed. Zak's and my employer do not view Fiesta as a legitimate "you get the day off" type of holiday. So, chalk up another vacation day without a real vacation.

Pure discrimination, I say!
Brooke's float for the Fiesta parade was a shopping cart, turned into a piñatas scene.
Get it? There is a girl piñata hitting another donkey piñata?

I didn't think you'd get it.

This was Brooke's third Fiesta parade at her school, but the first time she was in a class that required "floats."

Here's some rockin' footage of last year...which was exactly the same as this year (minus Madison), so I figured I didn't need to record it again. (also see: mother of the year)

I'm pretty sure that the parents should really be walking the parade route while the kids watch. After all, WE do all the work!

Four year olds are good for nuthin'.

(¡Viva Fiesta!)

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