Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ant-ie Easter

Happy Easter!

Every Easter since Brook could walk, we've celebrated at the lake house with an Easter Egg Hunt. Zak and I spend the night before drinking cold beverages stuffing and then hiding Easter Eggs. We always worry that the weather be rainy and spoil our eggs, however, this year, we should have been more concerned about ANTS!!

The Girls ran in different directions trying to snag as many eggs as they could.

Two of our Eggs were filled with Ants, and after some initial screaming and freaking out about ANTS IN OUR EGGS! the girls finally were satisfied with their loot.

The Girls spent several more minutes sorting through their eggs, and in their typical personalities, Maddie sorted and organized by candy type. Brooke made a giant pile and started eating as much as she could.

Then the gifts and cards from the Grandparents were opened. They screamed thank yous loud enough that you may have been able to hear them in Chicago and Laguna Vista.

Once the sugar high was in fully throttle mode, the Girls did all sorts of silly things.

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