Sunday, March 06, 2011


Zak and I were watching videos of The Girls from YouTube last night on our TV right after he discovered we can STREAM the Internet from the comfort of our home though our wi-fi enabled DVD player. (Sorta like WebTV, but way less 1998 and more 2011). I'm so thankful that I preserved some memories on this blog and uploaded the best family videos on YouTube. Why? Because I've TOTALLY forgotten most of these events. Many strangers send me emails on how "boring" and "lame" my kids are, as if my point was to entertain the Internets which Crazy Kid Tricks. The real reason I do it is because I do too many drugs and can't remember a thing since childbirth.

While we were watching videos (like a 6 month old Brooke gagging on pureed peas), I was reminded that I haven't uploaded anything new in a long time. I immediately thought of this series of 4 videos in which Maddie becomes a Yogi and Brooke is her student, and knew it was a perfect way to document them at age six and four.

Behold Video #1: Cross Legged "Reach for the Stars" pose

Video #2 Baddha Konasana

Video #3 Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Video #4 Counting Tree Superdoopersavansa

I'm sure some fancy yoga person will discover these videos and use them to teach her fancy yoga students the proper posture and name for Vrksasana. That will be awesome, so let me know in comments if you do.

My only regret with this post is the fact that my videos have terrible lighting due to the back lit blinds. The best part of each video is Maddie's instructions so, you'll need to make sure your volume is up.

P.S. This post is for Aunt Terra who is studying to be a yoga teacher (you should see her sculpted arms and rock solid yoga butt!). Go Sister Go!

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