Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Parent/Teacher Conference

I went to Maddie's normally scheduled parent teacher conference today. As expected, she's a rock star (literally?).
As you may recall, Maddie is in a Bilingual/Dual Language Kindergarten program in our school district. She's already bilingual....6 months. It took her 6 months to have the skills to understand a Spanish speaker and read in Spanish. By the end of the school year, she'll be considered "fluent" (as she needs to improve her ability to speak in Spanish).
In the non-academic news, she talks a lot and is bossy. (Tell me something I don't know!) Madison also day dreams in class. The teacher said she used to think that Maddie wasn't paying attention, but now realizes that Maddie is listening (and can answer questions about that topic) but probably sees something that glitters nearby.
I think she's bored, so she talks to her friends.
Let's play a blog game! Let's count the number of times one of Maddie's teachers tells me she's super smart, but really bossy and chatty by the time she's 18 (or bans me from talking about her on my blog--whichever comes first).

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