Monday, February 28, 2011

Tweet! Tweet! Feburary 2011

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. Because they are often little snippets about my very glamorous and exciting daily life (and aren't good enough stories to make a blog post), I will preserve them on this blog monthly. Behold! February 2011

Why is a 3% tax increase on the richest considered "socialism" but a 14% pay cut on the middle class is "doing your part?" #wiunion via Tweetie for Mac

Kefir is a really bad name for Kefir. They really should have thought about "branding" hundreds of years ago. via Twitter for BlackBerry®

My husband, Zak, is finally on Twitter! He's witty (and cute) @ZakwithaK. Follow him! via Twitter for BlackBerry®

"I think I'm going to be doing homework for the rest of my life!"-Maddie (kinder) Yep! via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Shoulda prefaced that last tweet by saying I have a super human sense of smell. My kids aren't gonna get away with anything! via Twitter for BlackBerry®

My car AC stinks like a fart. Maybe it's just San Antonio? via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Zak gets Maddie ready and drives her to Kinder everyday. It's very sweet and the outfits/hair dos are finally starting to come together. via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Brooke (4) scammed the babysitter. I have found several chocolate chips buried in the carpet upstairs. via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@pgentile21 sounds like the time when a customer told me I looked like a model. Pretty sure he wanted a discount!That Line works on men too? via Twitterrific in reply to pgentile21

A customer, questioning my credibility, guessed I wasn't even 30 years old yet. I gave him everything for free! #sweettalk via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@JackIngram Beat Up Ford brings back memories of ur concerts in Lubbock in late-90s. Also love "Make my Heart Flutter!" via web in reply to JackIngram How three powerful words can make you happier (from @cnn) via CNN App for iPad

@BrookDMatthews What? No RT? You know it's true! Aren't we all OOO everyday? Or my personal fav: "working on a time sensitive project." via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to BrookDMatthews

Don't set your "out of office" email unless you're on vacation. We don't need to know that you're in meetings or "in the field." via Twitter for BlackBerry®

The secret is out--the real reason why I'm a vegetarian is MMA training: via web

Maddie (6) told me how babies are made. She was correct. She also knows the very bad words. Darn big kids at the after school program! via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Get up, pour cereal, flip on cartoons, go back to bed. Sundays were built for parental phoning it in. via Twitter for iPhone

The most reliable luck is the kind that comes from a good plan and hard work. via HootSuite Retweeted by you and 23 others

My husband is awesome! I'm so proud of him, and very grateful for what he does for me and our girls. via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Pretty sure we're not raising future pros! via Twitter for BlackBerry®

RT @melissaonline: "...there is power in walking into a room & feeling good about the way you look & who you are." - Viola Davis via TweetDeck Retweeted by you and 1 other

I can't even begin to describe how perfect it is tonight at the lake house. Full moon, light breeze, 65 degrees, and Zak. via Twitter for BlackBerry®

RT @parenting The New Stay-at-Home Mom: via HootSuite Retweeted by you and 5 others

In the tub, Brooke (4) and Maddie (6) gave each other foot massages. Then, Brooke LOUDLY farted. That's always good for a laugh. Bubbles! via ÜberTwitter

I spent 37 minutes with my kids today. TOTAL. Clearly, I'm mother of the year. Send my trophy. via ÜberTwitter

See the work we're doing to promote literacy, learning, and great teaching: Pearson Foundation Overview [HD] via HootSuite Retweeted by you and 1 other

I'm so sorry! U okay now? @JMacHarryP_C Stuck at UHD with a boot on my car. Awesome way to end my day. via Twitterrific

It was all love and kisses until someone had too much sugar and broke down like an old car. #lifewithapreschooler via Twitterrific

Brooke's pre-school had a very nice "sweetheart" breakfast for parents today. I got to eat with my baby valentine. via ÜberTwitter

Gaga as meat, Gaga as egg, Gaga as toast (at the next awards ceremony?)--Breakfast! #grammy #ladygaga via ÜberTwitter

Brooke (4) was convinced that the shopping mall we were at today was really Disneyland. I hear ya, kid! via Twitterrific

Brooke (4) says, "I don't like that pink fluffy sweet stuff with the stick inside. What's it called again? I don't want any." via ÜberTwitter

Maddie (6) Brooke (4) 1st concert. Sadly, not U2 or The Stones, but they're excited for Corbin Easton. (Who?) via ÜberTwitter

Mmmm, Cowboys. #rodeo via ÜberTwitter

Let's Rodeo San Antonio! Our seats are so good (courtesy of Zak's employer) that they don't even show up on the seating chart! via ÜberTwitter

RT @PFoundation WallStJournal reports on Pearson Foundation study on how #CommunityCollege enrollments are strained via Twitterrific

For the first time in FOUR years, Maddie (6 yo) put on a pair of jeans. (With a button!) She was inspired by the rodeo. via Twitterrific

Brooke (4) says her lunch lady is "not a cafeteria lady because she is a chef!" Apparently, Brooke's a high roller in the pre-K! via ÜberTwitter

Madison "hates" Jeeps because they remind her of Monster Trucks. #random via ÜberTwitter

RT @LeadToday: "If you don't have a competitive advantage, don't compete." - Jack Welch via ÜberTwitter

True! RT @LeadToday: Great leaders know that their success is completely dependent upon the success of their people. via Twitterrific

RT @LeadToday: Authentic leadership is not easy but the rewards of leading authentically are awesome. via ÜberTwitter

RT @epiclifequotes Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, it simply means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections via

RT @LeadToday Never trade your integrity for success. Nothing, nothing, nothing is worth that high a price. via Twitterrific

"We are now at that parenting stage where we have to exercise our better selves so that she can develop her better self." -@dooce via ÜberTwitter

@heb and @jackingram superbowl commercial was the best of the night. If you don't live in Texas, you didn't see it! via Twitterrific

Bill O’Reilly is an ASS! He intvs Pres Obama before the Super Bowl: ‘Does it disturb you that so many people hate you?’ via Twitterrific

For the first time ever I said: You must leave your bedroom door open if you are playing with a boy friend. Repeat X1000 for the next 15 yrs. via ÜberTwitter

On Friday San Antonio had temps in the teens and an inch of ice on the roads. Today it is 70 and sunny! via ÜberTwitter

Awesome workout! Endorphins rock! via ÜberTwitter

What day is better than Superbowl Sunday? @nutelladay of course! I'm celebrating with a spoonful of Nutella! #nutelladay via ÜberTwitter

Today is Brooke's 4th birthday party!!! It'll be a fun and busy day with 15 of her friends. via ÜberTwitter

Finding a way to live the simple life today is man's most complicated task.-Henry A. Courtney (via @JoeTakash) via ÜberTwitter

Dear #climatechange, thanks for the snow day in SOUTH Texas. You are weird, but we hear you! via ÜberTwitter

San Antonians are freaking out about 1 inch of snow. They are so cute! #snowmageddon via ÜberTwitter

Zak won this as a white elephant gift at a Christmas party. He LOVES it. #texastech via ÜberTwitter

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