Friday, December 31, 2010

Cracked Helmet

Maddie was riding her scooter down the lake house driveway and crashed so hard (face first) that she actually cracked and dented her helmet.

The driveway goes from black top to dirt road with rocks. Maddie learned a great physics lesson in momentum and surface speed!

She has two skinned knees and palms, but a fully intact noggin and all (well, mostly all) of her teeth. Thank God for helmets!

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Edited to add:

This was Maddie's rockin' outfit when she crashed. Had she not had on those leggings, she would have really skinned her knees pretty bad. I didn't see her inital speed that resulted in the crash, but I did see her hit the rocks, and then a mess of tutu and legs up in the air as she flew up and over her scooter handle bars.

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francie said...

umm. love the outfit! what a little diva!