Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advanced math?

I need the feedback of my teacher friends. Take a look at this school assignment that Maddie (who is in Kindergarten) came home with:

All the students in her class work on independently completing a packet of worksheets during the day. They typically do these when other kids are still working on the previous class assignment (aka to kill time and keep them quiet). This worksheet was one of several that covered addition. This was also the only one that Maddie did wrong, but how she did it is what is fascinating (and confusing) to me.
In all the problems (except the very first one), she did subtraction in what looks to me like an algebra type equation. She told us she did this in her head. What do you think about this? How would she have drawn these conclusions?
Is she, in fact, the smartest child that ever walked the face of the planet? Should I send her to Harvard next year?

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francie said...

She is brilliant! Have her explain to you how she decided to subtract. I love it. It will be very interesting to hear her explanation. As a past kinder teacher this is advanced for this time of year in Kinder. Normally you are teaching the skill using manipulatives and doing story problems until Spring. I must confess I am not a fan of Kindergarteners doing packets of work. That is kind of laziness on the teacher part. Extension activities absolutely. Worksheets here and there to demonstrate mastery. You have to get creative but the kids will get more out of math activities with manipulatives or computer time etc. Just my two cents. Please tell me what Maddie says for her explanation of her math. I LOVE to hear this kind of stuff from kids. Miss yall. who knows she might tell you in Spanish! Smarty pants!!

xoxo francie