Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloweeen 2010

Halloween 2010 was tons of fun for The Girls. They've been counting down the days, and this year we had more fun than ever. After some initial fright over a neighbor's too scary costume, the girls warmed up to trick or treating. However, like last year, they tired after about 1.5 hours of door to door candy hunting.

Brooke was a witch and Maddie dressed as Ariel "The Little Mermaid."

I dressed like a cat with too much eye make-up. As usual, Zak didn't dress up, but I think he felt left out and may do it next year. After enough day time/dusk trick or treating, we stayed out for few more hours giving out candy. It was during that time that I discovered what my true mission for parenting girls....don't let my teenage girl dress like a trampy ______ for Halloween. I was shocked to see what some of these teenagers were wearing! Also, we need to institute a national Trick or Treating age limit. My vote will be for TWELVE. Once you have a "teen" in the age, you're too old to go door to door. Maddie was much more brave this year, and for the first time, entered our neighbor's "haunted house" with just a little bit of encouragement. Brooke screamed, "there is NO WAY I'm going in there!" much to the amusement of all the adults. Last year, Maddie wouldn't have even dreamed of going to get candy from someone dressed like that scary ghost. This year, she encouraged Brooke to join her. Most of the time, The Girls were more scared of dogs than any costumes. I'm so thankful that they have each other to participate in such great traditions like Trick or Treating!

Halloween 2010

Maddie was a mermaid and Brooke was a witch.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brooklyn has been found

Brooklyn has been found and returned to her family.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Mama came to town and we done drank some wine

My mom (aka Nina) came for a visit last weekend and we had a great time with the girls and then we ditched them to go drink some wine in the Texas Hill Country. It was AWESOME and you should totally come for a visit and get drunk with me!

Zak and I have known about these wineries just about an hour north of our house, but have never gone for a visit. Texas is the #2 producer of wine and grower of grapes in the nation (behind California), and growing at a rapid rate. I was happily surprised to learn it was ranked as the number one vacation destination by the NY Times. I know you don't believe me, so go take a look yourself!

The day could not have been more beautiful, sunny and 68 degrees with a light breeze. My mom had mapped out all the wineries she wanted to go to, and it just so happened to be the first weekend of the Texas Wine Trail! We got some awesome discount coupons and went exploring down the road. I ended up buying a ton of wine, and need to have a party to drink it all up!
Towards the end of our trip, I started to finally take pictures.

A Texas oak tree in the middle of some vines:


Me and my mom:

We went to about 10 different places, but Torre di Pietra was by FAR the best one and can't be missed. Ask for the sassy red-haired lady, she'll educamate you on wine...even if you think you already know everything (mom!). Also, bring along a designated driver!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Festival Fair Days

'Tis the season for Fall Festivals and other Halloweenie type activities.

We went to Brooke's school fair last weekend and had a miserable time. Really, the girls were so whiney and full of complaints that we nearly left after five minutes. Part of the reason might have been because Maddie is recovering from Strep Throat, but seemed to be feeling better after a few days on antibiotics.

I was able to capture a few smiles on film after multiple threats along the lines of "we're doing this for you me, mom and dad would rather be laying on the couch watching football today."

Snowcones are always a good way to cool down a hot kid, and bribe her for good behavior:

Pumpkin Patch poses may be the hardest photo to catch (aside from the ever challenging Christmas picture):

"Carni" Rides are a sure thing provided your child doesn't freak out, puke, or go flying off into the street because a meth head likely put it all together:
Friday is Maddie's school fall festival...stay tuned!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Tweet! Tweet! September 2010

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. Because they are often little snippets about my very glamours and exciting daily life (and aren't good enough stories to make a blog post), I will preserve them on this blog monthly. Behold! September 2010:

This is what happens when I try to get some work done in the evenings. Work blocker! via ÜberTwitter

My Bucket List: #bucketlist via web

The book "Twisters" scared my kids @wegivebooks. Need to double check that I'm in the right age bracket next time we read a "science" book. 6 minutes ago via web

First Parent-Teacher Conference: Maddie asks too many questions and talks too much (loudly). Other than that, she's doing well. about 6 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

I like to SPIN sale my five year old. She tells me I ask too many questions. I wonder if my customers would agree? #SPINselling 5:47 PM Sep 28th via ÜberTwitter

7 Questions To Finding Your True Passion 8:18 AM Sep 28th via TweetMeme

Need something quick for dinner? Try one of our 5-ingredient vegetarian recipes: #MeatlessMonday 3:45 PM Sep 27th via HootSuite Retweeted by you and 4 others

I'm happy to have a job that allows me to enjoy this cool and clear Fall day. Fresh air is good for the soul. #grateful 2:46 PM Sep 27th via ÜberTwitter

I'm pretty sure if Maddie's college education doesn't send us to the poor house, her love of stinky and expensive cheeses will. 7:21 PM Sep 26th via ÜberTwitter

Recovery of my hard drive (and baby pictures) was successful. Whew! People, BACK IT UP! 3:16 PM Sep 26th via Twitterrific

Our desktop computer crashed. Bye bye baby pictures, or can it be recovered? 8:00 PM Sep 25th via Twitterrific

Zak has a new baby, and I'm just so thankful that I didn't have to give birth to this one. 3:46 PM Sep 25th via ÜberTwitter

I'm reading to 75 kids on 10/7! RT @WeGiveBooks Read "The Snow Day" now! Give a book so a child can #readfortherecord 7:59 PM Sep 22nd via Twitterrific

Maddie is obsessed with silly bandz! 5:32 PM Sep 22nd via ÜberTwitter

Every man in this deli has a gun in a holster. This IS Texas, and I just discovered I'm next door to the police headquarters. #nervous 12:56 PM Sep 22nd via ÜberTwitter

Good thing I'm not a smoker because it's so humid in San Antonio today, I probably couldn't get it to light! 11:22 AM Sep 22nd via ÜberTwitter

The girl loves her red boots! 7:57 AM Sep 21st via ÜberTwitter

When you expect good things to happen, they will. #secret 4:26 PM Sep 18th via ÜberTwitter

I'm not a fan of road trips (even without the girls). #boring 3:37 PM Sep 18th via ÜberTwitter

Brooke (3) engages in positive self talk to convince herself she can hold it until she sits on the potty. "I can do it, I'm a big girl!" 3:00 PM Sep 18th via ÜberTwitter

Love, no doubt about it. RT @EducationNut Would you rather be rich in money or rich in love? What if you had to choose? 9:53 AM Sep 18th via Twitterrific

When you realize that everyone in the world matters as much as you then you'll matter a whole lot more to the world. 1:35 PM Sep 17th via HootSuite Retweeted by you and 26 others

Embarrassed to be Texan RT @HuffPostPol Texas Says textbks Are ‘Tainted’ With 'Pro-Islamic,Anti-Christian Distortions’ 8:11 PM Sep 16th via Twitterrific
Successful people chase their passion, not their pension. 5:20 PM Sep 15th via HootSuite Retweeted by you and 50 others

Maddie just yelled her first curse word in the correct context. I blame #kindergarten and not our #parenting. #damnit 9:29 PM Sep 15th via ÜberTwitter

Brooke and Maddie were star patients at the dentist. It was Brooke's 1st time. She was well prepared for what to expect.#dentist #parenting 9:53 PM Sep 14th via ÜberTwitter

So happy to see that @heb has started to stock Honey Crisp apples! This means Fall is here! 1:12 PM Sep 14th via Twitterrific

#youknowyoureoldwhen you're not sure what channel MTV is on and when you watch the #vma's you don't recognize some performers. 5:57 PM Sep 12th via ÜberTwitter

Pearl pomegranate vodka, club soda, splash of sprite. #myfavoritedrink (don't hate on my Pearl until you try it!) 9:12 PM Sep 11th via ÜberTwitter

Down by the River: 8:45 PM Sep 10th via web

We read Ladybug Girl at the Beach last night! Thx! RT@WeGiveBooks 2 more Ladybug Girl books are up,but you have to be logged in to read them 7:44 PM Sep 10th via Twitterrific

Kid Art: Sister in a Hot Air Ballon edition #parenting #art 8:33 PM Sep 7th via web

Hey @NEISD! Got anything to twitter about as a TROPICAL STORM passes through?! Use twitter to communicate with parents! 5:48 PM Sep 7th via Twitterrific

#hermine is about to pass right over #SanAntonio! 50 mph wind gusts are expected. 3-8 inches of rain thru tonight. 12:01 PM Sep 7th via ÜberTwitter

I gave Brooke (3) my water bottle to wash down some almonds. Instead, she spit her almond slobber into my bottle b/c she didn't like them. 9:58 AM Sep 7th via ÜberTwitter

Guess who loves their Aunt Terra?! 4:52 PM Sep 5th via


Zak was yelling at the #texastech #football game on TV and Maddie (5) said, "Dad, they can't hear you, so stop yelling at the TV please!" 4:03 PM Sep 5th via ÜberTwitter

Is this #oakwiltdisease? This tree was alive and green four weeks ago! It's dead! #hillcountry 6:45 PM Sep 4th via ÜberTwitter

Brooke (3) loves to read @usweekly on a lazy Saturday. 4:04 PM Sep 4th via ÜberTwitter

An old lady stopped to tell me I "parked wrong" today, and I may have been crooked but still in the lines! 11:32 AM Sep 4th via ÜberTwitter

I will to add this to my #bucketlist. RT @USATODAY 10 great ziplines across the USA 9:15 PM Sep 2nd via Twitterrific

After 9 days of #duallanguagekinder, Maddie already knows more than I do. My 2 yrs of #Spanish were just a distraction from my social life. 6:12 PM Sep 2nd via Twitterrific