Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bucket List

Writing a bucket list is the first step into making "someday" turn into tomorrow. I believe you have to put your desires out into the universe so it can hear you. Several months ago, I took a class with Zak where we both formally created and shared our bucket lists. All of us have those "I want to do X one day" type conversations, and those are exactly the things that I've put on my bucket list.

Taking that class it made me think about my life and forced me to ask myself if I'm taking steps daily to achieve my goals. I've always had a mental bucket list, but actually writing them down makes it real and doesn't permit failure. I had to think harder....what ARE my goals? Does my daily behavior put me in a position to reach those goals?

In order to reach each item on my list, I need to plan for it, budget, and take steps to make them happen.

A big step is to share them with my friends and family.... (they are not listed in any sort of order of importance):

Raise the girls to be emotionally healthy, strong, and independent
Learn conversational Spanish
Bi-lingual education for the girls
Vacation in wine country
Teach girls to respect, save, and value money
Reimburse girls for college education after they earn their degrees
Retire at 55 in a warm tropical international climate
Travel 2-8 weeks per year
Physical activity daily
Celebrate 75th wedding anniversary
Spend more time on or near the water (lake, river, and/or ocean)
Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
Travel 1st Class to Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Belize, UK, Caribbean
Make Pottery
Become a licensed esthetician
Toss fish in Seattle
Do Yoga or Pilates 3X per week
Travel the world on summer vacations with grandchildren
Drive a snowmobile--FAST
Blow glass
Stay in one of those bungalows on stilts over the ocean in Tahiti
Take regional cooking class in every city I visit
Tour Europe--Italy, France, Spain
Own a ski boat
Own a lake house
Houseboat vacation
Ski in Switzerland
Garden /Grow own vegetables
Own a little Red Sports Car
Return to teaching college students
Have a child (or two) and nurse them for one year
Go white water rafting in Colorado
Visit NYC and watch a Broadway show
Sky dive
Go on a cruise
Bungee jump
Participate in a flash mob
Zip line in every city I visit
Start a non-profit –help underserved kids get into and pay for college

So, friends, family, and strangers....can you help me cross off anything on my list?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Zak! (this totally counts as your birthday present!)

We hope you had a great 35th year!

Cheers to your 36th and beyond!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Zak somehow got into a discussion with a coworker about eggs, and discovered that she's up to her eyeballs in them. She lives on a farm in a little town south of San Antonio, and has chickens. I'm not sure how many, but she has enough to get 1 dozen eggs per day.
Zak tells her I'm a new vegetarian, and still struggle with eggs because of how factory farmed chickens are treated (google it!). I've only been buying Texas raised cage free chicken eggs from our local H-E-B at about $4.00 a dozen, and still don't eat them very often anymore. I use them mostly for french toast and baking. Part of my problem is that I crave bacon with my eggs, and that's a bit of a vegetarian "no-no" from what I've been told.

Zak calls me on the phone in the middle of the day to ask if I'd like some local fresh eggs. Of course, I do! He then asks me how many I want and how often. We typically go through about a dozen a week (or less), and so he places "our order" for weekly fresh eggs.

Today, I got my first batch:

Now, I'm a tad bit embarrassed to say this, but I didn't expect they'd all be so different looking. When you've purchased eggs in a grocery store your whole life, you never really think about the logical fact that all eggs aren't created equal. Grocery store eggs are PERFECT, WHITE, and pre-sorted for you by size. (That shoulda been my first hint that something shady was going on.) Some of my new fresh eggs are fat, some are little, some are white, some are brown, some are a shade in between.
We ended up using all 12 eggs over the weekend, and I really couldn't tell a difference in their taste, however, they did look much more fresh. The whites were clear and the yolks were nearly neon orange. This made the scrabbbled eggs look "weird" and "too yellow" according to my kids. I assured them that they were special eggs with extra vitamins from very happy chickens.
We then had a discussion about the color of the eggs and how were all the same on the inside, some just a little brighter than others. It's a good life lesson...eggs.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Down by the river

We spent Labor Day weekend at the Lake House. Zak's dad (Terry, aka Silly Grandpa) and Zak's sister, Terra, joined in on the fun.

On Saturday morning, we went to the river bank (that feeds into the lake) for the first time in the several years we've owned our little place. It's a beautiful little spot, and we always mentioned that "we should go" as we pass over it on the way to our house. We finally did!

I, of course, forgot my camera! Thank goodness for camera phones because who forgets their phone? I was able to get some great pictures to capture the memories.

(Also, sorry to Brooke who was stuffed into her old 12-18 month old bathing suit and Maddie who just swam in the river in her American Flag dress.) In addtion to forgetting the camera, I also forgot bathing suits for the girls. I mean, jeez, I can't remember EVERYTHING!

The water was super cold, so I guess that means it's spring fed (I should know such things) and that is why the girls' lips turned blue. It was easily 95 degrees out when these photos were taken of my shivvering babies.

(Another nominating post for MOTHER OF THE YEAR!)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Kid Art - Hot Air Balloon edition

The best part about sharing the art that your child creates is that NO ONE CARES. Except for grandparents, and maybe aunts. Definitely not uncles. It's also super fun to make fun of your children's art work only when they come back to read this they know that you totally love them and you were just kidding.

Madison is really into coloring pictures these days, and will produce several a day. She says she wants to be a "firefighter-dentist-artist-mom" when she grows up and sell these pictures for lots of money. Because you're a lucky reader (and likely a grandparent if you're still reading), I've only included the best pictures for your viewing pleasure. I'll gladly accept donations towards the ski boat college fund in return for the eyeball joy you're about to experience.....

Exhibit #1--Maddie is into hearts, or maybe alien beings that are from Planet Heart. Her art work lately always starts off with a smidgen of blue sky on top.It's not until that blue line is there that the drawing will begin. She also draws rainbows and flowers with everything. If those two items are not included, it's not worthy of her time.

Exhibit #2--More rainbows. That is me and Maddie under the rainbow. Notice the blue line and abundance of flying M's (aka birds) which are likely from Planet Heart. Just recently, Maddie has started drawing a "body with a belly button" instead of just stick legs and arms, or as I like to call it, a UNI-BOOB with a nipple.

Have you noticed the best part? BROOKE in the upper left hand corner is flying away in a hot air balloon! If that doesn't say "sibling rivalry," I don't know what does. Maddie said Brooke was "on a ride and happy."

Not to be out done, Brooke is entering her psychedelic stage. She's not quite coloring in the lines yet, but is generally selecting the correct colors for each item. Except her purple fascination that you'll experience if you're dropping acid.

(Because I'm feeling just a tad guilty, I'll tell you that Madison's art work is by far superior to that of her classmates in Kindergarten. She impresses me daily with her talent. Most kids in her class have Brooke's level skillz.)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tweet! Tweet! August 2010

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. You know, because my piddly daily activities are SO important. So because they are often little snippets about my daily life with The Girls, I will preserve them on this blog monthly.

I have no idea why some of the dates are not showing, but the tweets are in reverse order of the month.

What would you do if you had a spare 5 minutes with your child? We took silly pictures! #parenting via web

Remove your attention from don't wants.. and place the focus on do wants via Tweetie for Mac Retweeted by you and 100+ others

This school business is for the birds! I have 15 more years of this grueling routine? via Twitterrific

Zak snored so loud last night, I dreamed that I was being chased and eaten by dinosaurs. via ÜberTwitter

Sometimes I just stare at her, breathe in her scent, touch her soft skin, and force myself to never forget this age.Time passes too quickly. via Twitterrific

"Kill that robot dead! Poke him with that big knife!" yells my 3 year old who is WAY too young to watch #avatar via Twitterrific

Maddie wants to start a lemonade stand, but instead of lemonade, she wants to "sell her art work for dollars." via Twitterrific

Today I'm thankful that my daughter has a sister. #gratitude via Twitterrific

I held it together at Maddie's Kinder drop off. I got misty eyed twice, but Zak's glare kept me from going over the edge. Aug 23rd via ÜberTwitter

Twas the night before Kindergarten... via UberTwitter

Brooke just ate an adult fish oil vitamin, then puked it up. It was pretty scary until she told us what it was. Those suckers are stinky! via UberTwitter

We took Maddie out to a "happy kinder" dinner to celebrate her first year in school. Fondue at a "grown up restaurant." Fancy! via UberTwitter

Just met Maddie's kinder teacher. Um, she is gorgeous. Like, really hot! Is that bad I noticed? Zak sure did! via UberTwitter

I'm parked in the SHADE! via UberTwitter

Lucky people work harder and smarter. Funny how that happens. via HootSuite Retweeted by you and 28 others

I'd like to formally apologize to my mother for all the road trips she ever took me on. It must have been HELL w/o a portable DVD player. via UberTwitter

Just totally kicked Zak's ass in Wii boxing. I will be sore tomorrow. Also, this totally counts for cardio. #Wii via UberTwitter

My #iPad is a sanity saver! Hooray for downloaded movies and head phones!! #travel via UberTwitter

Headed to the beach for impromptu mini-vacay. So thankful that we have friends who own a beach house!Traveling w/kids (not bbs) is a breeze! via UberTwitter

Maddie (5) wants to know how my strapless sundress stays up and how old she must be before she can wear one too. #defiesgravity via Twitterrific

Every night at dinner each person shares: our favorite part of the day, what we're grateful for, and our least favorite part of the day. via web

How can I get rid of #Republican Birds? via web

Had lunch with my most favorite person on the planet! via UberTwitter

I need to lock up the sweets. Are my kids stealing candy? Oh, HUSBAND is the candy bandit. via web

I just celebrated my FIVE year blog anniversary! All that writing, and I'm still not famous. What gives? via web

Are you a #Parent? Considering having kids? This is a must read! All Joy and No Fun via mobile web

Brooke (3) is demanding a massage from Maddie (5). via UberTwitter

I married McGruber! #ducttape via UberTwitter

My little strawberry girl is pooped out after spending hours in the pool on a hot and sunny day. via UberTwitter

Zak just taught Brooke to pee outside in the grass. #hesecretlywantsaboy via UberTwitter

Just found a scorpion hanging out on my stairs. Not sure what possessed me to capture it in tupperware instead of squishing it. Willied out! via UberTwitter

Maddie and I had a blueberry crunch off. You know they're fresh when you can hear 'em snap in your mouth. #theperfectfruit via UberTwitter

Daycare called, Maddie knocked out two teeth in a seesaw accident and loosened a third tooth. That's six gone at just 5.5 yrs old! via UberTwitter

My manager @BrookDMatthews just sang me a happy bday on my VM. Awesome! (He won't get a recording contact, but he still rocks!) via UberTwitter

I woke up to find my birthday coffee was brewed in this glorious device. Thanks, Zak! via UberTwitter

Finally, a new blog post! Our trip to Chicago last weekend: via web