Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tweet! Tweet! May 2010

Ice Cave at the San Diego Zoo. via UberTwitter

Polar Bears! via UberTwitter

Maddie, buried by her Aunt Teresa. via UberTwitter

Buried treasure in San Diego! via UberTwitter

Disneyland's Dumbo ride! via UberTwitter

About to ride Space Mountain at Disneyland! via UberTwitter

Brooke wants to know when the "pirate" who flys the plane is going to get here. via Twitterrific

Brooke is getting ready to take her first airplane ride! via UberTwitter

Look who lost her front tooth! via UberTwitter

In case you didn't already know, my husband is a rockstar! via UberTwitter

Had a talk with Zak about creating a Will. Sadly, we don't have one, nor have we made provisions for our kids. Just too hard to talk about. via web

Brooke likes her catsup strait up. via UberTwitter

Maddie's tooth is giving me the willies! Watch her wiggle it! via UberTwitter

The big "Growing Up Celebration" show is about to start! Streaming live on the internet. My FB post has the URL! Watch The Girls! via UberTwitter

I sold my beloved Kindle @amanzonkindle, and am now using an iPad that can (almost) do it all faster and is more beautiful. Catch up! via UberTwitter

Playing outside with the water hose! via UberTwitter

How is it possible that I don't have a single bottle of red wine in the house? Horrors!! via UberTwitter

Having a hard time with Maddie. Terribly afraid she's turning into a "Mean Girl." I feel like we try everything to no avail. Help! via mobile web

Tweet tweet from my new ipad! via mobile web

Zak says, "Life is too short to drink that coffee, let's go to @Starbucks instead." First beer snob, now he's a coffee snob. via UberTwitter

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dancing Girls

One of Zak's many jobs as a father to Maddie and Brooke is that they grow up with a good understanding and love of all different types of music. This is one of those no-brainers because Zak has this amazing knack for music.

Anyway, Zak bought this new music gadget that will hold 300 CD's (that's only HALF of his collection!), and he's been loading them all in for a week or two a few at a time. (I know! Actual CD's! Totally obsolete!) During dinner, the TV is turned off--not paused--and music is turned on. After dinner, we've been having a dance party.

Take a look at the moves:

So, since Zak is going to teach them all about music, who is going to teach them to dance?

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Maddie found my wedding pictures today and went over each picture in detail. Except, she didn't need any explanation of the pictures, she knew exactly what was going on. Even in the pictures of us getting our wedding licence.
Why do little girls know so much about weddings?

Earlier in the day, she was asking us about cities in Texas that she could live when she was grown up. After I went through the only acceptable cities, she said, "Okay, I'll ask Andrew what city he wants to live in."
Andrew? Who the hell is that, and why would you want to check with him first? Then I had to lecture her about the fact that she can live in whatever city she wants to, and doesn't need to worry about what any man thinks. (Insert finger waiving and head shaking like I'm an old black lady).

So, when she asked where my wedding dress and veil were, I just so happened to have them handy. She begged me to let her try on the veil, and kept calling it her "wedding hail."

Then, the Girls played wedding for hours, and of course, Maddie was the bride, and Brooke was assigned to be the groom. Maddie let Brooke be the bride for just enough time for me to snap this picture:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


These proofs are just LOL hysterical. Madison is finished with Pre-K, and by finished, I mean the girl is D-O-N-E. She's way too smart for her own britches which now just gets her into trouble.

Brooke got to participate too. I mean, REALLY, my three year old gets to "graduate?" From what!? Sure, it's cute and all, but the poor girl looks terrified.

In Pose #214, she worries, "Why did my mother not brush my hair for this spectacular occasion?"

In Pose # 215, she wonders, "Does this mean that I can finally buy beer? YESsss!"
In Pose #216, she's thinking, "Oh NO! Does this mean I have to move out, get a job, and pay off my student loans?"
In Pose # 217, she's all, "Dude, this hat is ugly, what's so smart looking about a flat square cap?"
Sorry Brooke, but you've got about another 20 years of school ahead of you and many more ugly "graduation" pictures.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

We had a great Mother's Day, and I'm once again reminded of how blessed I am. In addition to my healthy family, I'm grateful for several awesome gifts!

I got a bouquet of lavender roses. hydrangeas, and the Star Gazer Lilies that are bigger than my HAND:

We had a Mother's Day breakfast complete with party hats, candles, and a table set by The Girls.

Maddie and Brooke both made me some super cute gifts at school. A little jewelry box from Brooke:
And a potted "flower" with Maddie's picture.

Our house is DONE! We put in hand scraped hard wood floors throughout the first floor (left tile in the kitchen), painted 90% of the house, and installed the softest and cushiest new (fresh! Clean!) carpet on the second floor. It took about 2.5 weeks, and we couldn't be happier with the quality of the work that was done. Hiring a contractor to do this kinda stuff is scary, but we got lucky with our guy. Zak completed the decor today, hung the the art methodically and perfectly (like only he can), and made some great selections on new pieces. (Pictures later!)
Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cute little invites

We got these cute little invitations for Maddie and Brooke's "Growing Up Celebration" on Friday, May 14th. All family and friends are invited. It's a cross between a graduation ceremony and a school program. Either way, I'm sure to bawl my eyes out. Let me know if you're planning on attending!