Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tweet! Tweet! March 2010

Cha-ching! 26th via UberTwitter

Painting two rooms is a really good reminder of why painting is much more challenging than it appears! Looking to hire a REAL painter. via UberTwitter

Why are my kids always the loudest two kids in the restaurant? At least they were being funny and not screaming! via UberTwitter

I am the most lucky airline traveler in the world. @southwest ROCKS! via UberTwitter

Looking forward to being back on the TX Tech campus for the first time in 11 years. Will be working on campus all day. Yea Lubbock! via UberTwitter

Proud to be an American tonight as The Civil Rights Act of the 21st Century is passed in the house. Everyone deserves health care. via web

http://twitpic.com/19v5n2 - I may just cut it off. For reals! via TwitPic

Is it a bad sign that we don't know where our hot water heater is at the lake house? I guess that means we shouldn't try to repair it. Help? via UberTwitter

At the lake house for three hours and we already had two wildlife encounters. (Does a cat who scared the crap out of Zak count?) via UberTwitter

After rearranging some furniture which left dent marks in the carpet, Brooke worries: Oh no! There are holes in the carpet EVERY WHERE! via UberTwitter

It's "required by law" to complete my census? Well okay then, but you could have asked in your nice voice! via web

Maddie demands half a grapefruit like most kids beg for candy. via web

Maddie calls my business cards "Bossy Cards." How true that is! via UberTwitter

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Life has been busier than normal around our house. Sorry for the light blog posts.

I was going through my videos over the last 6 weeks, and forgot to let you all know that Brooke finally graduated into her "big girl bed" when she turned three last month.

She was so proud of herself! We could have easily kept Brooke in the crib for much longer. She never tried to climb out or complained about her crib, but we were really wanting to help with potty training. Turns out, it doesn't help, but I suppose she couldn't be in there forever.

We also (finally) took away her pacifier that she used only in her bed. It was as simple as cutting the tip off of it, showing her that it was "broken," letting her try to use it, and a few empty promises to buy a new one. She never asks for it anymore!