Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tweet! Tweet! February 2010

Hugs & kisses to the person who turned in my lost NEW Blackberry to campus police. I was in tears when my faith was restored in students. via web

Maddie has gotten in trouble over and over again this weekend. Rude, sassy, whiney, name it, she's done it. via web

Maddie and Brooke decided they were going to be a doctor (B) and nurse (M) so they could work together everyday. via UberTwitter

I sauteed garlic in butter for a dish at dinner, and Brooke kept yelling, "What do I smell? Make it stop!" She was disgusted! via UberTwitter

Having sake and sushi with my mom. via txt

Madie gets in trouble for talking every day. I'm not sure why this is punishable. Brilliant people talk A LOT via UberTwitter

Brooke is snoring. via txt

Superbowl party for four at our house. v

Brook asked me to turn on the "poo poo fan" when she was in the bathroom. Ha! via txt

Today is my baby's THIRD birthday! via txt

San Antonio Riverwalk

We've lived in San Antonio for 3.5 years, and for the first time, we took the girls to the Riverwalk. Zak and I have gone many times, and even taken visitors there. We've just always left the girls at home.

Yesterday was a gorgeous "winter" day in San Antonio. Sunny and seventy degrees. We had to go downtown to pick up Zak's SUV from the mechanic (it caught on fire while he was driving to work a few days ago!) after it was repaired (buh-bye to $1,200 bucks!). On our way to pick it up we discussed the fact that The Girls had ever seen the Riverwalk, and decided to make a quick family trip out of it.

Despite it's claim as "family friendly" it makes me a nervous wreck to see little kids down there. At times, the sidewalk is simply a few feet wide with TONS of people (many of whom are drunk) streaming by. According to local lore, least one tourist a day falls into the river. It's shallow, and it would be impossible to drown, but still very scary to think of kids falling in. If the narrow walkway wasn't terrifying enough, the walking surface is also very uneven (i.e. OLD) with cracks, cobblestones, and random steps. A total trip hazard.
Despite my worry wort thoughts, we went anyway!

Even though it was a Saturday, and the anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo, it wasn't all that crowded. We took a river boat ride, ate some yummy Mexican food, and skipped around the river.

The Girls were so excited to discover this "new river" in San Antonio, and were running around like wild animals. None of us crashed or SPLASHED.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Parenting sucks

There are just some days when everything about parenting sucks. Today was one of those days. Brooke woke up at 5:30 a.m., and we tell her to go back to bed. Maddie hears that Brooke is awake, so she comes into our room to tattle on her sister. We send them both back to bed

By 6:30, they were both up, and screaming like banshees. Sometimes playing, sometimes fighting, but all and all just making a lot of noise.

By the time we were up, properly coffee-ed, and fed, they wanted to play outside. It was a beautiful day, sunny and 75 degrees. So we played, then they whined, then we threaten to not play, then they argue about something, then one takes a swat at the other, then they tattle, then we give time outs, one runs into the street, I scream, time out, crying, whining, I quit. We put them down for a nap, neither naps, we threaten, I whine, they win. Lather, rinse, repeat 1000 times.

Really, there's more, but who likes to listen to a whiner?

To make things worse, Zak has had a chronic cough for over 8 weeks, and has felt pretty crappy on and off since then. I've been dealing with what I thought were allergies, but seems more like a full blown cold that has left me reeling with a constant sinus headache. Sick parenting does not mix well with patience. My well is dry.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


In possibly one of the most unattractive pictures of all time (and one I'll likely be yelled at for in 2020, or even later during her wedding rehearsal dinner), Maddie shows you her missing bottom tooth:
I was out of town on business during the last week of January, and I got a text from Zak that read:
"Maddie lost her first tooth...bottom left! It fell out while brushing teeth b4 bed...she thought it was hilarious."

First of all, I know that kids lose their teeth (on a side note, I didn't know that dogs did, and I freaked out when our dog lost a tooth), but I didn't know that he could happen so early. I thought most kids lost them at six or seven. Maddie just turned five! Is this normal? Does this mean she's (oh help me God!) on some sort of early developmental schedule?

Second of all, I was so sad that I missed this milestone, and one of my male colleagues (who also has a five year old daughter) said, "You've had the chance to experience many more "firsts" than your husband, so be glad he got to have this "first" and not sad that you missed it." This, while very presumptive of him, is very true. Moms generally get to see/do more "firsts," and that's true for me too.

The tooth fairy came that night, and left $2.00. I thought that was high, but Zak told me there has been quite a bit of inflation since my teeth generated just a quarter in the early 80's. Maddie called me the next morning to tell me the news, and she was SO excited about losing her tooth and how she planned to spend her "new dollars."

When we went shopping to spend her money, I suggested she save some and donate a portion of her $2.00. Zak disagreed ("it's her first time she's ever earned a dollar and you want her to give some to charity?!"). Um... yeah?!? She ended up spending all $2.00 and borrowing an extra fifty cents to cover the difference. five year old is already in consumer debt. This was not my ideal parenting moment! I can promise that it won't happen again....

So, what's the rule when it comes to this money stuff with kids? What portion of their allowance (or gifts or tooth fairy booty) should be saved, donated, and spent?

(Yes, I know her bangs are crooked. This haircut was done by an actual professional...not me!)

Friday, February 05, 2010

28th street girls do it again!

At least I think it was 28th Street.

Me, Dina, Collette, and Amy (pictured in that order above) met for dinner when I was in Grapevine, TX for a work event in January. We hadn't all four gotten together since college (1997!), and I hadn't seen Dina since her wedding! At dinner, it was like we had never allowed 12 years to pass. In various forms, we've all seen each other, but just not at the same time. They've all lived in the DFW area since college, but I was the one moving all around. We all have kids, except for Dina, who has one in the oven.

We re-told stories from college, and caught up with what's new in each others life. It was extra entertaining for me, since I have such a bad memory, some of the stories were new to me even though I was there. I wonder why I don't remember much? I didn't even do drugs or drink (much) in college! Thank goodness the restaurant was near empty or we might have been asked to leave because we were laughing so loud.

We laughed and laughed but nobody spewed their drink out of their nose, clogged up any toilets, played pranks, or had a food fight. It is so weird to look back on those days (of what I can recall) because it seems like ages ago and just yesterday all at the same time. It certainly doesn't feel that 12 years have passed since we lived together, and I hope it isn't another 12 years until we get together again.