Sunday, January 31, 2010

The bees knees

So, stop reading now if you don't tolerate sorta gross medical stories. And, please don't look at the pictures...I only wish I would have video taped this!

In early 1999, while playing basketball with some teenagers, Zak tore his ACL. We got married later that spring, and when we came back from our honeymoon, Zak had his knee repaired. (Which was no honeymoon at all). After his surgery, he did well in physical therapy, and regained full use of his knee as if nothing ever happened. The scar is pretty darn ugly, and he has always had a weird faint black squiggly line along it. Over the past five years, it was clear that this was actually suture material that was visible under the skin, and was trying to work its way out of the body by burrowing a hole towards the surface. It looks kinda like a pimple on the surface, but seriously has been there for 5-7 years. I've always been worried about infection, but nothing ever happened.

Until today....when Zak scratched an itch, and then it POKED through the skin. I almost fainted when I saw this.... Then, after me begging for him to see the doctor, he decided to do some self surgery. He asked for my tweezers, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and a shot of whiskey (kidding). He actually said it didn't hurt, and in fact, he couldn't feel it.

So he started to pull the string... We joked that it was possible that his knee could completely unravel and his leg would fall off. Thankfully, it didn't, and he kept slowly pulling....

And after, many "OH MY GOD's!" he finally got the entire string out. Look how long it was!

After this was all over, he said, "This may have been the most exciting day of my life since Brooke's birth." That doesn't say much about married life with a five and (soon to be) three year old!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tweet! Tweet! January 2010

Maddie: "I don't like bacon anymore because it's not good for you." Brooke: (shocked and incredulous) "WHAT!?!" via txt

Just sprinted thru IAH airport. Made it, sweaty, and breathless like a contestant on Amazing Race. My family is my 1 mil dollar prize! via txt

Text from Zak: Maddie lost her first tooth...bottom left! It fell out while brushing teeth b4 bed...she thought it was hilarious. via txt

I need a map. All these east coast states are so LITTLE. You can actually drive thorough several in a few hours! via txt

Flying to Newark today. I wonder if I'll see any Jersey Shore peeps? via txt

Maddie saw some news coverage about Haiti and was asking some tough questions. How do you explain this to a 5 year old? via txt

Taking my first trip to NJ and NYC. Pulled out my long winter coat from Chicago...haven't worn a winter coat since 2006! via web

Brooke: "Hold me Daddy!" Zak: "Why would I do that!?" Brooke: "Because you love me!" via txt

Giving little kids Cheetos is never really a good idea. via txt

Having cocktails and watching the Golden Globes with my mama! via txt

Sister fights come quick and loud, but they are finally starting to end just as quick with reasoning and soft apologies. via txt - Bye bye Grapevine, Texas! via TwitPic

I hear it's cold in Dallas.I'm here, but wouldn't know it. I've been locked in a sales meeting for 5 days (except for my roomie dinner)! via web

Dancing (and about to ride a bull) at the wolrd's famous Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth! via txt

In Ft. Worth with my work peeps. Having an awesome time. via txt

Headed to Dallas for 5 days. I packed about 15 pairs of shoes. I NEED them all. Bag barely made the weight limit! via web

Zak: "You gotta just look whose cookin' to know if it's good!" via txt

Monday, January 18, 2010

Everyone loves Nina

My mom, "Nina," came for a long weekend trip to spend time with the girls, and attend their joint birthday party. The Girls were very excited that their Nina going to spend five whole days with us, and Maddie kept asking "how many more days will you be here?" Nina did the normal routine with the Girls like reading books at bedtime....

We also took Nina to the Lake House. Brooke ate her first ever roasted marshmallow (I know...I'm such a mean mother!). We make fires and roast marshmallows (and get our drink on) all the time, but the kiddos are usually in bed.

One of the most popular things that Nina did was help Maddie with her Chia Pet (Mr. Professor Man). That Chia Pet sprouted after just a few days and is growing like crazy. Maddie and Nina put some of the seeds on his face to give him some eyebrows and a beard. And just like most old professor dudes, he's bald on top.

I was changing out the water on the Chia Professor, and I guess some seeds went into the sink. The next morning, I found this little Chia Sink growing in the drain:

Fearing it would clog my pipes, and take over the plumbing in my neighborhood and all of San Antonio, I had to remove it. Maddie LOVES her Chia Professor, checks him often, and leaves a growth light on for him during the day. When I pick her up from school, she asks me how much he grew that day, and assumes I sit around watching him grow. (I think that is actually possible).

Thanks for coming to visit Nina (pictured above with Zak's mom)! We hope to see you again soon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shannon was HERE!

My best girl, Shannon (my former labor coach), from Chicago came to visit me for a long weekend in early December, and we had a BLAST. We ate (a lot), drank (a lot), shopped (a lot), took the girls to Sea World, and just had a chance to catch up.

Maddie and Brooke adored Shannon (especially since she took them to Sea World, and let them do all the fun things that Zak and I don't typically do with them).

Like ride the roller coaster (Maddie is on the other side of Shannon, but she would have totally ridden the Shamu coaster all by herself).

The Egg Shell ferris wheel:

And, the Christmas Shamu show (where Shannon cried just like I always do!)

I'll be visiting Chicago this summer, and I cannot wait to see Shannon (and ALL my Chi-Town peeps). Luv you, Shan! Get the basement ready for me!