Monday, August 31, 2009

Tweet! Tweet! August 2009

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. You know, because my piddly daily activities are SO important. So because they are often little snippets about my daily life with The Girls, I will preserve them on this blog monthly.

Brooke says, "A why?" After anything we say. The kid needs a reason for everything! from txt
Backed chocolate cupcakes with Maddie. She added a bunch of choc chips just for fun. Iced with cream cheese frosting and heart sprinkles. from txt
Honestly, what did parents do for peace and quiet before movies and kid TV shows? It's a sanity savior. That, and wine. from txt
Delete - Piggy buns! from TwitPic
FOUR months. How can I forget the playoffs!? from txt
Today is the official start of Fantasy Football. Their draft is at the Lake House, and Zak's attention will be gone for the next 3 months. from web
Maddie's first official day of pre-k. She's so excited. from txt
Susan makes the BEST Rice Krispie Treats I've ever had in my whole life. It appears to be the same recipe on the box, but with MAGIC added. from web
Zak and I are going to the lake house alone for the first time! We've owned it for 1.5 yrs and have never gone without the girls or friends. from txt
Open fire arms and a semi automatic at a Presidential town hall meeting on health care? Are you kidding me? People are just plain stupid. from web
Pre-child delusion: I will not be a short order cook. My children will eat what I'm having for dinner. from txt
"You got my steak, daddy? I hungry!" from txt
Hell hath no fury like a four year old scorned. from txt
Delete - Cutting 5 inches-to balance the damage she did to herself last weekend. from TwitPic
Maddie is trying to teach Brooke how to floss her teeth. "First, you gotta get a long string of Floss Teeth..." from txt
Sad that Jack and Michelle left. They're so fun n easy! It's rare when a couple clicks so well with another, and then we had to move to S.A. from txt
Just getting off our tubes on the Comal river with Zak, Michelle , and Jack. Had a BLAST! Hungry! Buzzed! from txt
Delete - Maddie's new red boots! from TwitPic
Maddie gave herself a haircut this morning while we were sleeping. from txt
Just saw an armadillo crossing the street. The biggest Texas cliche of all time! from txt
Missed my exit because I was getting my Boom Boom POW on. Didn't notice for 8 miles! from txt
Delete - This is more exciting to The Girls than any cake, cookie, or ice cream! from TwitPic
When we told Maddie to stop talking (because, my God she doesn't stop!). She sweetly said, "but I have a lot of words to say." from web
It's so funny to me that people actually YouTube vote on my home videos. They're kids singing nursery rhymes, of course they are terrible! from txt
Buy a new one, or call a repairman? It'll probably cost the same. #*/)(#!! from txt
Maddie was a rockstar at her dentist appointment. from web
Had a tad too much wine last night while ringing in my 34th bday. from txt
Just got off the phone with my aunt, Diane. It's been a looong time since we've talked, but it feels like yesterday. Love u, Di Di! from txt
And, for the record I can't believe I'm 34. WTF? I feel about 24ish still. The clock of life is cruel! from txt
Out for my 34th birthday! from txt
i can tweet from my kindle? and get gps? i didnt even know it had the internet! from web

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Girls weekend

By "Girls Weekend," I mean a weekend of just me and the girls.

Zak told me months ago that this weekend was going to be Fantasy Football draft weekend, and it was AGAIN going to be at the Lake House. This year TWELVE aging mid-thirtyish men were going to be sleeping in my two bedroom weekend get away and shitting in my toilets that spill to a very cranky septic tank. For those of you who don't know what this is (read this), but basically these grown ass men pretend to be NFL team owners, attempt to create the perfect team, and try to out score each other every single weekend until December. Now Fantasy Football draft weekend isn't just all about the draft. There is poker, drinking, and God only knows what else going is on. It's a good thing that we don't have neighbors. They've been to Las Vegas, New Orleans, Austin, and now the second year in Bandera, Texas. It was cute when we were in college, but now they're just lame.

It's really just an excuse to hang with the boys and ditch the wives and kids for a few days. I'm cool with that. I get it. When is it my turn?

Zak was worried about me being "alone with the Girls" for 3 nights. OMG, alone with the two monkeys I gave birth to! How will I make it out alive? It's actually pretty considerate of him, but The Girls are oddly much better behaved and easier to deal with when it's just either Zak or I flying solo.

The Girls and I had tons of fun today. The secret that every mother knows is keeping them busy. When they're bored, they'll whine and argue with each other. I went to the gym this morning, and they played in the kids room (which they love), went to the grocery store to pick up just a few things (which they love), ate lunch, took a nap, baked cupcakes, went to the swimming pool, played in the living room, watched some TV, and (wine) and BED.

Maddie took her first swimming lesson since her "Daddy and Me" classes when she was just two. Her teacher, a lifeguard (who is also named Maddie) that works at our pool, was born in 1993. I SWEAR. (That's the year I graduated from high school. God, I'm old.) My Maddie was rock star. She swam the length of the pool keeping her arms by her ears and "streamlining" her body. She mastered floating on her back. For the record, she wouldn't even get into the "big pool" at the beginning of the summer. She would only play in the toddler pool. That's progress, y'all. It's funny how kids learn better from other adults, and don't really trust their own parents to teach them much in the skilz department (unless you're David Beckham..swoon). That's why I would never consider homeschooling (also because I don't like my children enough to be with them ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Jeeze.)

After we got home from the pool, we were playing and rough housing a bit. The Girls like to play "Super Girl" (where I lay on my back with my feet in the air, and then they put their belly on my feet, and I lift them up, and they "fly"). (Thank God I do squats to train for these games). I played this game as a child too. Brooke has discovered that she can use her blanket as a cape to really ramp up the "super girl flying in the air" effect. When she's up in the air she gets all rascally and silly and is hard to balance sometimes, so we have frequent crash landings. Normally, I just let her crash semi-gently, and she thinks it's hysterical. "Again, again! My TURN again!"

Well, one particular Super Girl landing was going to be a little too rough, so as she was about to crash, I tried to break her fall. I reached out to grab her, and my thumb when right into her completely open mouth (she was still laughing), and I scraped the top of her soft palate with my thumb nail. She sputtered and gagged, and I thought she was gonna puke. Then she SCREAMED. She was bleeding!

It was an accident, but I can never handle it when she gets hurt (and it's often because she just plays so hard), but ESPECIALLY because it was my fault. We went to the kitchen for some water and for me to take a look. Maddie advised her like a total professional, "Brooke, drink some water, swish it around, and rub the scratch with your tongue, and spit." Brooke proceed to just obey the "and spit" part, and covered my face in bloody drool as I was peeking into her mouth. The bleeding stopped just after a few minutes, and she was fine.

Later that night, after Brooke went to bed, Maddie told me she "likes blood because it is so cool because it's all red and gross and smells funny."

It's time for me to have another glass of wine.


"I'm going to go to the place where you go to make wishes, and wish to be an artist when I grow up."

I told her she didn't need to wish, but just work really hard to acheive her goals. baby step at a time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First day of Pre-K

Today was Maddie's first day of Pre-Kindergarten. It actually isn't much of a change for her because she's at the same school, and actually moved to the pre-k class this summer. However, the summer was filled with "splash days" and other non-academic activities.

Today also marked the day when her "boyfriend," Mason, returned to school. We also found out he was going to be in the same class for the rest of the school year. This isn't good for a few reasons, but the biggest problem is that Maddie turns to mush when she's around him. A girly ball of shy and flirty silliness mush. I warned the teachers.

Maddie was excited about a new dress and new shoes and wanted to wear it on the first day of school. Once I suggested that I wanted to take a picture, Maddie began to pose. "This is my favorite pose" (hands on hips, toe point). When I suggested she sit down, she did the head tilt cheesy smile pose ready to go.

Not to be left out, Brooke said she wanted to pose and take pictures too.

When Maddie got home from school today, she told me, "Mason told me he was in love with me and he wants to get married."

Hold your horses, sista.

"Then what did you say?

"I told him I loved him too, and we could get married after college. Then he ran away to play with is friends."


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kid Art August 2009

I get a piece of art work (or sometimes five) sent home from school that was created by the girls. Those teachers are pretty darn good because some of the art is simple crayons, or worksheets, or paint. But sometimes, it's hardened shaving cream with glitter, or a project that required lots of glue to assemble. It's a good thing Brooke and Maddie get this art training at school because Zak and I won't even let them use crayons without massive amounts of supervision, and markers?! Markers are a rare treat. Paint has only happened once, and my patio is still stained.

In this month's edition of kid art, Maddie would like to feature her detailed pencil coloring of a bunch of grapes. The assignment was to just count the darn grapes and circle the corresponding number below. You can tell that Maddie was eager to color the little guys, leaves, and even stem. I can also tell that each one has less to more detail. I'm not sure why, but the last one (19 grapes) got the most attention. She is very detailed in her coloring, and I've often had to ask the teacher if Maddie REALLY did the coloring herself.

Brooke is still turning out "a bunch of scribble scrabble," as Maddie calls it with disgust in her voice. However, just in the last few weeks, Brooke has been showing off her ability to be a little more detailed and is thinking about what she's doing more thoroughly. Here she keeps the water colors in right places and uses a darker blue for the sun.

We've obviously not raised any future artists here (not that I can tell yet), but it's interesting to see their development. Plus, if I post art work here, I won't have to keep the darn things on my fridge. Nor will I feel guilty for throwing them out. (When we do throw them out, Maddie often finds them in the recycle bin, and calls us out on it. Talk about guilt!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random veggie

These three little squash were in my co-op produce basket today. What in the world should I do with them? Other than the obvious...which is to decorate with them.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hell hath no fury like a four year old scorned

Maddie has been wanting to grow her hair out for a long time now. She wanted it to be "long... like a princess." Her hair has been terribly scraggly since then, even with an occasional trim. It also has the half strait, half curly curse like mine does which makes it impossible to wear natural. It has a perpetually "just slept in look" no matter how much we brush or flat iron. The new fascination with a pony tail is helpful, but my god, it's a mess.

Last weekend, Maddie woke up at butt crack 'o dawn ready to greet the day. As always, we sent her downstairs to watch a movie, have a breakfast snack, and milk. We can usually get another 2 hours of sleep with this technique and trust her enough to watch TV, or color, or play make believe teacher (and boss her 'kids' around) until it's time to get Brooke out of bed. On a Saturday, this is usually 8:30 or 9:00). Later in the day, I noticed that Maddie's hair was particularly scraggly. I saw what looked like broken hair due to excessive ponytails. Upon closer inspection and increased suspicion, I asked if she had cut her hair. She confessed that she had because there were pieces "sticking out." Yes, dear, that is why we use a BRUSH, not a pair of scissors. Had I used a pair of scissors for every unpleasant hairdo, I'd be nearly bald by now.

We let this monstrosity of a hair do last for a week, but I just couldn't take it anymore. Her newly trimmed side of her head would barely fit into a pony tail. I lied and told Maddie that we were just going to get her bangs cut and her ends trimmed.

About four inches later, we end up with the cutest looking "Page Boy" look. Very Suri Cruise like (and Lily S. like), don't you think?

Well, she was MAD, and I mean just plain PISSED OFF at me. She was polite to the hairdresser, and sat quietly, but when the hair dresser asked if Maddie if she liked it she flatly replied, "no, I do not like it."

Maddie saved her anger for me. She went on and on about how ugly it was, and it made her look like a boy, and it was gross. There was screaming, yelling, and other "You Go To Your Room Right This Second" type behavior. I called Zak to warn him that we were on the way home, the haircut was precious, but don't mention it. As soon as we walked in the door, Maddie was crying, and Zak was chasing her trying to get a good look. After a few cooling off minutes, Zak went upstairs to check on her. Maddie said she was really mad at me because I didn't take her to Target after we got her hair cut. Huh?

She later confessed that she was really just mad at me for "letting that lady cut off my hair." The next morning, she was over it, and said she loved her hair. Her friends and teachers were filled with compliments this morning, and I she reacted well to all the attention.
She still claims she really doesn't like it, though.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Her mother's daughter

Maddie is doing very well with our continued quest to keep her thumb outta her mouth. The real reason this works so well is because I think she really wants to quit. We will occasionally catch her sucking at night, at nap, or when she's really tired. Her teachers at school have been wonderful with helping and reminding her.

The stuff we put on her thumb to initially get her to "remember" to not suck, has pretty much lost its effectiveness. It still tastes super gross, but I think Purell Hand Sanitizer will dilute it pretty quick, and my girl loves her some Purell. I also think she just puts up with the taste because her thumb is worth it.

Every few nights, I will sneak into her room and paint her thumbnail, and will sometimes even paint it when she's awake. She tries to wipe it off if she's awake, so the sneaky night time routine is better. Plus, she still believes a magic fairy had something to do with all of this. Ah, the sweet gullibility of a child.

This morning, that sweetness turned into sneakiness. Zak was in the shower (I was still asleep), and Maddie walked into the bathroom, saw the bottle of Mavala, looked around to see if anyone was watching (and Zak was from the shower), and HID IT in the very back of my make up drawer. (That makeup drawer is the black pit of old mascara, last year's moisturizer samples, and empty lip gloss tubes--lost forever).

After he showered, Zak whispered to me what he witnessed, then sweetly asked Maddie if she knew where the bottle was. SHE LIED, and said she hadn't seen it. It's a good thing that she's a terrible liar (she smiles, breaks eye contact, looks down to the right). He asked her again, but she didn't tell us where it was.

Because we're such terrible parents, we thought it was funny and didn't confront her on it. I'm sure we'll be using this all weekend for our own entertainment.

So, Internets, what do you do when you catch your child telling a white lie?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Friends, family and fun!

I met Jack and Michelle through my friend Shannon. Jack is Shannon's little brother (and she won't ever let him forget it.)

Shannon and I used to work together, and have been friends since her first day on the job in 1999, when I gave her the scoop at lunch. During the eight years I lived in Chicago, her awesome family sorta adopted Zak and I because we had no family in the area. Zak and I would often go to Shannon's family gatherings on holidays and long weekends. I think they felt sorry for us at first, but then we began to feel like just one of the many cousins who would randomly show up and claim to be family. We are two of those "cousins."

Jack and Michelle have been together since I first met Jack at a one of those family gatherings (they call them "reunions" but they occur nearly every weekend). As the years went on, we all had kids and would spend more and more time together. I was the first one who got knocked up, so they both would come to me for advice (like I had any clue what I was doing either!).

I had Maddie, Shannon had Kit, Michelle had Lily, Shannon had Fionn, I had Brooke, Michelle had Jack, Shannon had Maggie. One of us has either been pregnant or nursing for five years. I'm DONE, but I can't say the same for them!

When Zak and I moved to San Antonio, we were so very sad to leave these dear friends behind. Through the ease of blogging and the occasional email or call, I have managed to maintain these great friendships.

Michelle called me several months ago with a grand idea to take a vacation together...sans kiddos. We had big ideas, that cost big bucks, Shannon just had baby Maggie, so she opted out for this trip. Michelle and Jack accepted my invitation to come to San Antonio instead. Michelle and I share a birthday week (although for what seems like the first time in my life, I'm the older one), so it was perfect timing.

They flew down on Friday night and stayed until Tuesday afternoon. Michelle, the list maker, blogged about their trip in 15 sentences. There are actually sixteen (she missed the one about Rudy's BBQ). Jack was just moaning while eating the "Worst BBQ in Texas!" Here's the story behind the 15:

1. "110 is really hot"-- August is the worst possible month (and May, June, July, September) to visit Texas. However, since we're in the middle of the worst drought in history (have you heard me whine about that yet?) it just seemed so much hotter, and it's brown and ugly. At least it was dry and hot, not WET, STICKY and hot. That's much worse.
Jack and Michelle borrowed my car on Tuesday to have some alone time (since we smothered them with love and attention during the weekend) and go shopping. I drew them a little map and told them where to go, and they ended up making about 4 stops. Those four stops are HOT because the car takes a good 30 minutes to even cool off after you let it sit just for a few minutes. They came in the house, panting, and I don't think they'd ever run errands if they had to live here!
2. "When you spend time with true friends you don't get to see often, you end up missing them even more." Ditto. It hurts so much to know we have such great friends, but they are a three hour plane ride away.

3. "Brooke may be one of the funniest girls in the world. She made me share Jack with her." Oh, that's my girl, always entertaining and stealing men. Brooke was teasing Michelle, gave her a sassy shoulder shimmy and said, "That is MY Jack."

4. "Maddie may be one of the smartest little girls in the world." That's because she likes to show off! Maddie was spelling words and doing phonics, and I, of course was fully participating.

5. "Jack and I fell in love with them both." My girls have magical powers. They do this to our friends and family all the time. Charming little girls (when they want to be). Both Girls asked for Jack and Michelle this morning and Brooke demanded a full explanation of why "her Jack" had to go back home to Chicago.

6. "Everyone must try a puffy taco once in their life. We'll be back for more." We took them out to a popular Mexican Restaurant where Bobby Flay did one of his ThrowDown's. My favorite part of that day was bedtime dancing with the girls outside to the live music.

7. "Everything is bigger in Texas." Yep. That's true, just glad you didn't find one of these, although we did find a scorpion at the lake house. He was just a baby.

8. "Tubing down the Comal River is one of the coolest and most relaxing things we've ever done." We had SO much fun too. It felt like we were on vacation as well. We took the girls to school Monday morning, played hookey from work, and drank all day as we floated the river. The Comal is WAY better than the Guadalupe (it is a little shorter too). Super clean and cool. This is a must do for any visitor from now on. Jack squealed with delight on one of the many "tube shoots" we went through.

9. "If I try real had, and Jack cheers me on, I can pee in the water." Um, yea. Michelle went for a good two hours, dying to pee, asking where the rest rooms on the river were. I said, "you're sitting on it, lady," referring to her tube. She was grossed out by this, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. So she did. (I was carefully down river of her accomplishment)

10. "Thirty people wished me happy birthday along the way." We took a river boat trip down the San Antonio river on the River Walk. Hey, it's the touristy thing to do. The boat driver asked if it was any body's birthday, and I grabbed Michelle's hand and yelled, "YES!" signaling it was BOTH of our birthday's. The boat driver just focused on Michelle and would demand that every passing tourist wish her a happy day. It was more lilke sixty people, and you're welcome.

11. "When one is outside in August...there must be water involved for swimming." And lots of beer. Yes. We took them to the lake house, and sat in our kiddie pool. We also went swimming at our subdivision pool. In addition to our toooobing, we wore our bathing suits every single day.

12. "Being away from our children, and sleeping in, is a happy and healthy must do." We wouldn't know. Ha! Actually, Maddie woke up Jack and Michelle every morning about 6:30 a.m. We told her EVERY night to not do this. One morning when we all just kept sleeping, she found the scissors and cut several inches off her own hair. That's a blog post on it's own, but nevertheless, Jack and Michelle didn't get to really sleep in. Sorry 'bout that.

13. "Four days is exactly the perfect amount of time..." Agreed. Had y'all stayed just one more day, you would have been really, really sick of me! We sure did pack a lot into those four days.

14. "Those Texans make a mean margarita." We had frozen, mango, mango-raspberry, strawberry, and margarita's on the rocks. I had more 'rita's this last weekend than I've had all year. Zak too.

15. "San Antonio is one good time!" Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Jack and Michelle are visiting from Chicago!

We're having a blast with Jack and Michelle. It's been a busy weekend of food and fun. 

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Two and a half

Dear Brooke,
It's been a REALLY long time since I've written you a monthly letter, and now you're two and a half years old. For the record, your half birthday is on my actual birthday, so we'll forever share cake to celebrate.
You might be the smiliest, happiest, silliest two year old on the planet. I mean, it's ALWAYS a smile with you.
Unless you're pretending to be mad at me:

If you make that face, it's always because you're not getting your way, or you just got in trouble.
You like to get in trouble, you think it's FUNNY when you're scolded. You our faces. We don't think you're just being sassy when you do this, but rather assume it's because you're trying to get us to laugh back so your punishment will be shortened. I must confess that it works most of the time.

On the Fourth of July, we went to the beach to visit Grandpa (who you dubbed "Pops") and Grandma Mary. We took your Pack 'n Play for you to nap and sleep in because we "like it when you're contained" per your father. Well, you climbed out of it, landed on your feet, opened the door, yelled, "Hi Tootie!" then closed the door laughing hysterically. This happened four more times, I gave up, and your daddy gave you a stern talkin' to. Honestly, we were mostly concerned about the fact that you would inevitably fall out and bonk your head because you ALWAYS bonk your head on something.

You sorta remind me of a Sheep Dog these days because you're constantly taking inventory of everyone. If you don't see someone, you'll ask where they are, and continue to go through your list of missing persons. Every morning when you wake up, you ask, "Where's Daddy?" And, every morning, I say, "He went to work." And you say, "Oh." Then you ask, "Where is Maddie?" And after I tell you where she is you sometimes ask, "Where is Brooke?" just to make me laugh and get a tickle.

I weighed you this morning and you were 27.6 pounds. You fit your clothes true to size, but can sometimes wear some of Maddie's 3T clothes. This is odd, since Maddie just recently out grew those. I think you're going to be built like me, short (but strong, baby!).

Your teachers at school adore you and I think you are their secret favorite kid. They tell me how silly you are, that you make up crazy voices to make them laugh, and that you're constantly dancing. They also report that you can be quite stubborn, yelling, "NO!" when you don't want to do as you're told. This stubbornness has got your little booty sent to the office on several occasions over the past six months. Interestingly, you seem to charm your way out of trouble once you're knee deep in it.

You and Maddie couldn't be more opposite in so many ways. However, you love each other very much and always want to play together. True partners in crime. Sure, there is some fighting and arguing and it usually ends with you yelling and Maddie crying. She's sensitive, that sister of yours, so you gotta learn to be careful with her feelings. You are getting better at using your words to communicate feelings and wants, but it's still a work in progress. Like most grown-ups, it takes lots and lots of practice.

I love to watch you grow, and am very fascinated by how fast it is happening right now. You're getting to be such a big girl, and I'm savoring every moment. I love your bright smile in the morning, and your bright smile when you're playing, and your bright smile when you're eating, and your bright smile even when you're in trouble. That smile will get you lots of places in life, but I'm really just very happy that you are always smiling on the inside too.



Saturday, August 01, 2009

Tweet! Tweet! July 2009

I'm not sure if Twitter is going to keep all my tweets forever and ever. You know, because my piddly daily activities are SO important. So because they are often little snippets about my daily life with The Girls, I will preserve them on this blog monthly. July 2009:

  1. My God, she is so beautiful, even when she's complaining.
  2. - After years of trying, I finally got Zak to take a multivitamin. How? Gummy vitamins for grown men!
  3. Maddie sweetly gave permission to get my own bday present because she didn't have any time to go shopping.
  4. You know you're living in severe drought conditions when you tweet about rain! It's raining in SA!!! Whoot!
  5. I'm the luckiest airline traveler on the face of the planet.
  6. Animal control can't pick up the dogs for another WEEK. Um...what am I supposed to do with two dogs for a week? Calling ALL neighboors!
  7. Heard dogs barking all night. In the AM, Maddie yelled: there are two big dogs in our back yard! Not sure how they got in, but are trapped.
  8. Zak is home sick today, and is so J-J-J-Jealous of my daily "work environment." Don't hate the playa, dude!
  9. - DAD! Look! My cab driver was rockin' the beaded seat cover! A la my '87 Taurus!
  10. I know what I'm getting for my b-day! When you hint (loud) enough, sometimes he listens!
  11. - This is happening 3 feet from my head and I cannot leave!!! Trombones and Trumpets!
  12. When Brooke takes pictures with her toy digital camera, she does it backwards. I have 42 pictures of her nose at close range.
  13. - Guess who is thrilled to bits that our babysitter cancelled tonight?
  14. Maddie is the queen of LOUD talking. Everything she says is in ALL CAPS.
  15. All moles are benign. Whew! Wear SUNSCREEN (like, all the time)!
  16. Bounce giving away free Kenmore washer/dryer - open 2 all! Tweet #LaundryLounge 2 enter. #BlogHer09.
  17. Baking banana and chocolate chip muffins from SCRATCH with Maddie.
  18. Maddie insists "don't look at me" while she not-so-secretly sucks her thumb under the blanket.
  19. Sitting next to the mayor of San Antonio at Rosario's for lunch.
  20. The waiter said my sashimi was "Texas Style" because the slices of fish were nearly 1/2 thick! Little cubes!
  21. - Cuddlin' before bed after a day at the Lake House.
  22. Just got to the lake. There is NO water, repeat, NO water. The river is dry, boats can't get by... NO WATER. So sad.
  23. Brooke loves her some Lady Gaga. She can really boogie! Just Dance and Poker Face are her favs!
  24. - I gotta you beer, daddy!
  25. Maddie can read! She's officially spotting random words, sounding them out, and excitedly screaming the word once she figures it out.
  26. Brooke licked the cream out of an Oreo and gave the cookie to Maddie. Maddie happily accepted. Now that's teamwork!
  27. Three moles removed by derm. Two look like they'll be fine, and one is suspicious. Moles are going to the lab for eval. WEAR SUNSCREEN!
  28. Is it possible that I bruised my eye sockets because my new (sorta stolen) swim goggles were too tight for my big head?
  29. Lost in New Braunfels, TX.
  30. Tooooobing!
  31. The whoopie cushion is a huge hit with the girls. Fart jokes are funny!
  32. Maddie says she isn't going to kiss a boy until she gets married.
  33. Driving Zak's truck: I feel so bad ass like I can rule the world from up here! Later, when I'm de-throned, I'll likely just feel bruised!
  34. Cried my eyes out during "We are the World" watching Michael Jackson's funeral.
  35. After I suggested we go to McDonald's for dinner, Brooke said, "that's a great idea, mom!"
  36. Brooke's fav 4th July moments: beach with Grandma, Aunt Terra, and fireworks.
  37. Maddie's fav 4th July moments (in order): fireworks, Pio teaching me Spanish, playgound, going to the beach.
  38. Zak just injured himself trying to open his beer. His life is SO tough!
  39. San Antonio is suffering the driest 22 months in history. (As in, FOREVER! Most dry EVER! Send rain!)
  40. Just bought some Glucosamine Chondroitin with MSM for my achey knees. What's up with this joint pain?
  41. - A stranger just complimented the Girls on their restaurant behavior. Pigs are flying!

"On you boots!"

We're still working on potty training Brooke, and so I decided to have her wear panties today. She was great in the morning, but we left her alone for about...oh, 30 seconds after lunch, and she peed.

She waddles upstairs, "Mama, I wet."

"What happened?"

"I peed on my Elmo [panties]."

"Oh, poor Elmo. Is he sad?"
Then, I realize that she's soaked including her t-shirt. There is likely a puddle of pee somewhere, but we don't know where she let loose. So, I asked her.
"Brooke, where did you pee?"
"On my Elmo."
"No, where in the house were you when you peed?"
"I pee on YOU boots!" She exclaimed very excitedly.

Sure enough, next to the pile of boots near the shoe closet (that I just finally finished cleaning out)that were going into the attic, I found her puddle of piss and some soggy boots.